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Common Ratio of a Geometric Progression

Date: 6/6/96 at 8:26:58
From: Anonymous
Subject: Can common ratio of a G.P be 1?

Can the common ratio of a geometric progression be equal to 1 OR -1?

Date: 6/14/96 at 0:51:46
From: Doctor Brian
Subject: Re: Can common ratio of a G.P be 1?

Yes it can.  It makes for very boring progressions, of course.

Sometimes a textbook will offer a question such as "identify the type
of sequence," and then the problem will read: 6,6,6,6,6.....

This kind of constant sequence can be thought of as both a geometric
sequence with ratio 1, or an arithmetic sequence with difference 0.

-Doctor Brian,  The Math Forum
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