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Five-Set Venn Diagram?

Date: 11/25/2001 at 00:20:13
From: Bryan Owens
Subject: Venn Diagrams

What does a five-set Venn diagram look like?  I cannot figure out how 
to get all of the circles to line up correctly.  

Thank you for your help.

Date: 01/09/2003 at 13:55:30
From: Jennifer
Subject: Constructing Venn diagrams using triangles

How can I construct a Venn diagram using 5 overlapping triangles?  
The triangles do not need to be congruent. I know that the resulting 
diagram will have 32 distinct regions, but I haven't been able to 
make it work.

Date: 01/11/2003 at 11:05:20
From: Doctor Tom
Subject: Re: Constructing Venn diagrams using triangles

The largest Venn diagram that can be constructed using circles 
is a three-circle Venn. The situation with triangles is much messier 
to consider, since while the best you can do with two circles is 
divide the plane into 4 regions, two triangles can cut it up into 8.


   What is a Venn Diagram?   

- Doctor Tom, The Math Forum   
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