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Roman Numerals

Date: 11/13/97 at 23:37:35
From: Anonymous
Subject: Roman Numerals

What are three ways roman numerals are used today (in modern days)?

Date: 11/19/97 at 12:46:33
From: Doctor Matt
Subject: Re: Roman Numerals

Here are the first three that came to my mind:

  1.  Clock faces
  2.  Movie credits and copyrights
  3.  My diploma from Lehigh University!

-Doctor Matt,  The Math Forum
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Date: 11/19/97 at 12:58:10
From: Doctor Rob
Subject: Re: Roman Numerals

Page numbers preceding page 1 of a book.

Volume numbers for multi-book series, or periodicals.

Outlines and other heirarchical lists requiring several numbering 

Numbers of monarchs and popes (Pope John Paul II, King George VI).

To differentiate generations bearing the same name (George Hamilton 

In archaeology, to number cities built on the same site (Troy VII).

In Paris, to number the "Arrondissements" or districts of the city 
(sort of like zip codes).

European dates are sometimes written like 7.IV.1997 (= 7 April 1997).  
This is to reduce confusion, since 7.4.1997 could be misread 4 July 

Anything written in Latin, such as inscriptions on monuments.

-Doctor Rob,  The Math Forum
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