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Complicated Computation

Date: 23 Feb 1995 20:55:46 -0500
From: Chris Couch
Subject: Dr. Math from Chris

Could you please answer this math question:


If you could answer this I will be amazed!                    
Chris Couch
Vernon, BC

Date: 24 Feb 1995 20:35:11 -0500
From: Dr. Sydney
Subject: Re: Dr. Math from Chris

Dear Chris,

        Hello there!  That is quite a question you have!  Let's see if I can
help with a strategy for solving problems like this:  Start with the
innermost parentheses, and just start simplifying.  So, start by figuring
out what 243-157 is.  Then multiply by 47, 79, and 76.  Next, you 
want to subtract 31.  Then you will have simplified the inner 2 parentheses.  
Now you want to multiply this number by 789, and then subtract 85 and 
add 67.  Now you have simplified the inner 3 parentheses.  So, now 
multiply this number by 34, 48, 34,  and 423.  Then subtract 879 and you 
are done!  Yeah!  Whoa!  How tiring this problem is.  I'll let you do the 
work with the numbers--if you want to check your answer, feel free to 
write back.

Hope this helps.  Write back if you have any more questions.

--Sydney, "dr.math"
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