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Cubic Centimeter, Cubic Inch

Date: 08/26/97 at 20:26:22
From: John Fitzpatrick
Subject: 5th Grade Geometry Question

Dear Dr. Math,

My teacher gave me this question that totally stumped me. It's the 
first day of school, and no math book yet. She wants us to define 
these terms: cubic centimeter and cubic inch. Can you help me? 

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick

Date: 08/28/97 at 20:11:28
From: Doctor Barney
Subject: Re: 5th Grade Geometry Question

A cubic centimeter is a measure of volume equal to the volume of 
a cube one centimeter long on each of its edges. Do you know what a 
cube is? A cube is a three-dimensional object that has the shape of 
a square on all six sides. All six sides are the same size.  

A cubic inch is a measure of volume equal to the volume of a cube one 
inch long on each of its edges.

A cubic mile is a measure of volume equal to the volume of a cube one 
mile long on each of its edges.

-Doctor Barney,  The Math Forum
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