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Dividing 17 Rings

Date: 10/22/96 at 20:33:59
From: Becky Windley
Subject: Fractions

My question isn't really a question - it's a puzzle.
How Was the Inheritance Divided?

An elderly woman had 17 rings. Her will stipulated that upon her death 
the eldest daughter should receive one-half of her rings, the second 
daughter one-third, and her youngest daughter one-ninth. 

When the woman died, the three daughters tried as hard as they could, 
but they could not figure out a way to divide 17 rings according to 
their mother's wishes. They asked a friend and she said "Take my ring, 
divide the ones your mother left you, and then, when you're done, 
return my ring. You should have one ring left. 

How many rings did each girl receive?

I'm totally stuck on what to do! Please help!


Date: 10/24/96 at 16:52:52
From: Doctor Rob
Subject: Re: Fractions

Together with the woman's 17 rings, put in the friend's ring, 
to make 18.  

Now, what is 1/2 of 18, 1/3 of 18, and 1/9 of 18?  What is left?

-Doctor Rob,  The Math Forum
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