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Pronunciation of Fractions

Date: 03/28/97 at 13:03:56
Subject: Pronunciation of Fractions

How do you pronouce fractions with 32, 42... in the denominator - my 
kids say 13/42 is "thirteen forty-twoths," I say "thirteen over 
forty-two," others say "thirteen forty-seconds." Which is correct?

Date: 03/28/97 at 13:44:51
From: Doctor Mike
Subject: Re: Pronunciation of Fractions

Dear Donna,  
Saying "THIRTEEN FORTY TWOTHS" is only okay if you still 
believe in the TWOTH fairy.   :-) 
Saying "THIRTEEN FORTY SECONDS" is fine.  
Saying "THIRTEEN OVER FORTY TWO" is also fine, especially
if you want to avoid having to decide about how to say it
the other way.  This is like trying to decide which is
better "half" or "50 percent".  They are both right.  
I hope this helps.     
-Doctor Mike,  The Math Forum
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