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Date: 10/7/96 at 4:34:52
From: Daniel Johansson
Subject: Number to a Power


What do you call it when you have a number raised to a number, like...


   Daniel Johansson

Date: 10/17/96 at 11:36:10
From: Doctor Jack
Subject: Re: Number to a Power

You have asked a really interesting question.  The name for the
function you are asking about is called the "power" function.  Your


would be read as "2 to the power 3", and more generally, the 


would be read as "x to the power y".  

If y is a whole number like 3, then calculating x to the power y is 
done by multiplying x by itself y times.  

The power function calculation gets more interesting if y is not a 
whole number.  For example

        1/3                                           3
   w = 2     is defined to be the number satisfying  w  = 2.

Using a calculator, you will find that w is approximately  1.25992.

-Doctor Jack,  The Math Forum
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