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Pi in the Bible

Date: 03/08/99 at 17:26:58
From: Jessica Manning
Subject: Pi and the Bible.

My teacher said that pi is in the Bible twice, but I'm not sure where 
they both are. 

Date: 03/08/99 at 23:02:55
From: Doctor Rick
Subject: Re: Pi and the Bible

It is stretching things a bit to say that pi is in the Bible. The 
Bible does not claim to be a math textbook. But there are two 
references (in parallel passages) to the diameter and circumference 
of a circle; specifically a circular basin used at the Temple in 
Jerusalem. It was 10 cubits across (diameter) and 30 cubits around 
(circumference). That makes pi, the ratio of circumference to 
diameter, approximately 3. A more accurate measurement would have 
given between 31 and 32 cubits for the circumference. The references 
are 1 Kings 7:23 and 2 Chronicles 4:2.

- Doctor Rick, The Math Forum   
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