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A Definition of Clinometer

Date: 12/10/95 at 12:6:19
From: Anonymous
Subject: Geometry terms

We've been surfing the net to find a definition for the following term 
and have been unsuccessful.  Can you help?  Clinometer.

Date: 12/10/95 at 18:14:14
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: Geometry terms

Hello -

Here's what Webster's Dictionary (2nd edition, unabridged) has to say:


Any of various instruments for measuring or indicating angles of slope, 
elevation, or inclination, as: the dip of beds or strata (Geol.), the 
slope of an embankment or cutting (Surv.), the angle of elevation of a 
rifle or gun, the inclination or roll of a ship,... the departure 
from the level of sills or other horizontal framing timbers (Carp.), the 
inclination of the human profile, the inclinations of the vertical 
meridian of the cornea, etc.

clino- is a combining form from the Greek, in this sense 'to incline'.

- Doctor Sarah,  The Geometry Forum

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