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Linear Foot

Date: 7/1/96 at 9:36:49
From: K. MacNeil
Subject: Linear Foot

I need to know how much a linear foot is.

Thank you,
Reta Rushton

Date: 7/29/96 at 13:46:37
From: Doctor Mike
Subject: Re: Linear Foot

A "linear foot" is just a "foot" when used to measure certain things.
This unit is used for pricing a product that does not have standard
lengths.  For instance, a store might sell you a 10-foot-long strip 
of carpet (Astroturf) for 10 dollars, or a 12.34-foot-long strip of it
for $12.34, etc.  They would advertise this product's pricing as one
dollar per linear foot (lin. ft.).  Mostly I see this kind of pricing
at do-it-yourself supply stores.  Other product examples are lumber
that is not pre-cut to standard lengths, and prefab kitchen countertop 
that they cut just long enough to fit the width of your kitchen.
I hope this is what you need.  

-Doctor Mike,  The Math Forum
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