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Unit Conversions

Date: 04/23/97 at 16:26:34
From: Toni Massey
Subject: Metric conversion

Dear Doctor Math,

I am extremely puzzled over the conversion of ounces to grams.  
I have searched in my math book, I've looked in the encyclopedia, 
and I still can't find it!  HELP!  How many grams are in an ounce?

Puzzled Toni

Date: 04/26/97 at 22:15:10
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: Metric conversion

Hi Toni -

I hope by now you've found what you were looking for in the 
dictionary, but if not, here's some information.

The gram (g or gm) is roughly analogous to the English dry ounce. It 
takes about 28 grams to equal one dry ounce. The gram is the standard 
unit of mass in the metric or SI system. 

There's a unit conversion page at   

It will also help you convert temperatures Celsius <-> Fahrenheit, 
kilometers <-> miles, meters <-> feet, centimeters <-> inches, and 
kilograms <-> pounds.  Pretty easy!  

Since Web pages don't always work right when you need them, you might 
want to make a note of some of the formulas:

  1 mile = 1.61 kilometers
  1 foot =  .30 meters
  1 inch = 2.54 centimeters
  1 lb.  =  .45 kilograms

Is this what you need?  To look it up yourself, try the Terms and
Units of Measurement pages of our Internet Mathematics Library at:  

Using our Search you can look for the words "unit conversion" (just the words,
not the quotes) after checking the button for "that exact phrase."  You will
find some of the pages I've just mentioned.

Thanks for writing to Dr. Math!

-Doctor Sarah,  The Math Forum
 Check out our web site!   
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