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Date: 07/23/97 at 16:04:17
From: Brian Ferri
Subject: Definition of the word "Subtends"

Please give me the definition of the word, "Subtends."  This is not in 
your on-line math dictionary.  

Thank you.

Date: 07/23/97 at 19:40:09
From: Doctor Anthony
Subject: Re: definition of the word "Subtends"

If you think of the side opposite say angle A in a triangle, then that 
side 'SUBTENDS' angle A.  The word is most commonly used for the chord 
of a circle, SUBTENDING an angle at the circumference or at the centre 
of the circle. You can also think of the arc of a circle subtending an 
angle at the centre or at the circumference.  The angle subtended is 
'opposite' the chord or arc.

-Doctor Anthony,  The Math Forum
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