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Sergeant Marco's Maintenance Check

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 15:26:31 AST
From: Richard Seguin

Could you help me with this question?

1. Corporal Jones takes 12 h to complete a planned maintenance check on 
an anti-submarine helicopter. Jones had been working on a helicopter for 
4 h when sergeant Marco arrived to help him finish the job. They complete 
the check in 2 H. How long would it have taken Sergeant Marco to complete 
the job alone?

Date: 30 Mar 1995 23:35:39 -0500
From: Elizabeth Weber
Subject: Re:

        If Jones has been working for 4 h when Marco joins him, how many
Jones-hours of work does he have left?  
        If he then works another 2 h next to Marco, how many Jones-hours of
work are left that Marco must have done?
        If Marco can do this many Jones-hours of work in 2 hours, how many
Jones-hours of work can he do in an hour?
        How long will it take him to do 12 Jones-hours of work?

If any of this isn't clear, or if you need more help, write back to us!
                                --Elizabeth, a math doctor
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