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Profit or loss?

Date: 6/17/96 at 5:17:51
From: Anonymous
Subject: Profit or loss? word problem

Mr Li paid $120 for a basket of 40 durians. He found that 4 of them
were bad and threw them away. He sold 2/3 of the remaining durians
at a profit of 20% and the rest at a loss of 5%. What was his profit
or loss?

Date: 6/17/96 at 8:5:26
From: Doctor Anthony
Subject: Re: Profit or loss? word problem

His costs were 120/40 = $3 each

He lost 4 immediately so he sold 36 durians in all.
2/3 of these = 24 durians he sold at 1.20*3 = $3.60 each
1/3 of these = 12 durians he sold at 0.95*3 = $2.85 each

Total income from sales = 24*3.60 + 12*2.85 = $120.6

Profit was $0.60 

Percentage profit = (actual profit)/(original cost)*100
                  = (0.6/120) * 100
                  = 1/2 % profit. 

-Doctor Anthony,  The Math Forum
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