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Monkeys Eating Peanuts

Date: 6/22/96 at 12:20:58
From: Anonymous
Subject: Complex Ratios 

This question is from the Ontario Math Olympics. I could never solve 

Four monkeys eat four bags of peanuts in three minutes. How many 
monkeys will it take to eat 100 bags of peanuts in sixty minutes at 
this rate?

I've tried using ratio and proportion to do it but it never works. I 
always end up with a different answer. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Date: 6/22/96 at 13:35:56
From: Doctor Ethan
Subject: Complex Ratios 

Assuming that each monkey eats at the same rate, one monkey can eat a 
bag of peanuts in three minutes, right? Do you see how I got this? 

So in sixty minutes a monkey can eat 60/3 = 20 bags of peanuts.
So you tell me me how many monkeys you will need. Hope that helps.

-Doctor Ethan,  The Math Forum
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