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How Heavy is the Brick?

Date: 11/15/97 at 02:16:08
From: kylie malligan
Subject: Brick

The question is, "If a brick weighs a kilogram plus half a brick, how 
heavy is the brick?" I think that the brick weighs one and a half 
kilograms, but I'm not sure.

Date: 11/25/97 at 11:49:09
From: Doctor Allan
Subject: Re: Brick

Hi Kylie,

You should try to make an equation out of this.

What happens if you call the weight of the brick x? You should be able 
to get the following equation:

   x = 1 + (1/2)x

Do you see why? You just need to find the value of x in order to 
answer your question.

Hope this helps!

-Doctor Allan,  The Math Forum
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