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Adding Three Digit Numbers

Date: Wed, 02 Nov 94 06:59:29 EST
From: ainsley wagoner
Subject:  math question

Dr. Math,

My name is Ainsley Wagoner and I am a 1st grader in kentucky. 
I'm writing you on my daddy's computer. My question is this.
200+1000=?. Adding things with seven is hard for me, like 8+7=?,

Thanks Dr Math. I really like my Dad's computer and math and 

Ainsley Wagoner

Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 09:11:54 +0900
Subject: Re: math question

Hi Ainsley,

     Thanks for writing to us.  My name is Margaret.  I am one of the
doctors Math.  Thanks for writing to us.

     200+1000 = ?  Sometimes it is easier to write problems like this 
in the other way.  For example:

  200   In this way, you begin from the right (the 0's) and add each 
+1000   column.  So, 0+0=0, 0+0=0, 2+0=2, and then pretend there 
------  is one more 0: 0+1=1.

Try some more.  Like  300+400=?       222+1000=?      400+ 200=?

     Now, for problems with seven.  I am not sure exactly what to suggest. 
Sometimes when I add numbers, I try to split up the number to make it
easier.  You know that 7=5+2, right?  Well, if it is easier for you to add 
things with five and things with two.  You could do this instead.

     So, instead of 8+7, try 8+5+2.   and for 7+9, try 5+2+9.

     I hope this helps.  Please write back if you don't understand, or if you
have any other questions.  Tell your friends about us too.

Margaret- Doctor on call
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