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Adding stickers

Date:  Fri, 2 Dec 94  10:50:24 EST 
From: East Hill Math Kids
Subject: word problem

From: East Hill Math Kids

Dear Dr. Math,

     Please help us solve this problem.

     Jacob earned two stickers for the mad minute. Laura earned two stickers 
for mad minute. Melissa earned two stickers also.  How many stickers did 
they earn all together?

Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 13:31:15 -0500 (EST)
From: "Michael W. S. Morton"

Hello East Hill Math Kids!

I'm one of the Math Doctors here to help ya out with your problem.  
Let's take a look at it.

One way to think about this is using pictures.  So, let's draw everyone's 
stickers, and see how many there are.

   Jacob:                  Laura:                  Melissa:

  ()  ()                   ()   ()                 ()   ()

2 stickers              2 stickers              2 stickers

Now, let's redraw ALL the stickers together and count them up!

  ()  ()   ()   ()   ()   ()

How many are there total??

I hope that helps!  If you need further assistance, or don't quite 
understand, PLEASE mail us again!!

-MORTON, doctor of sorts
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