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What is 2346 Divided by 56?

Date: 27 Apr 1995 13:16:46 -0400
From: Stephen Sellick
Subject: Division

Dear Dr.Math,

We are studying Division.                          
                2,346 divided by 56 = ?

Date: 4 May 1995 19:09:59 -0400
From: Dr. Sydney
Subject: Re: Division

Dear Stephen,

Hello!  I'm glad you wrote to Dr. Math! 

When you divide numbers, you usually so what is called long division:

Write the numbers like this:

Then, ask yourself how many times 56 goes into 2... (0 times, right --
56 is bigger than 2).

So, now ask yourself how many times 56 goes into 23 (0 times again -- 
56 is bigger than 23)

So, now ask yourself how many times does 56 go into 234?  (It turns out here
that 56*4 = 224 and 56*5=280, so 4 is the biggest number we can multiply 
56 by 4 and still get a number less than 234) So, 56 goes into 234 4 times.
Write a 4 above the third digit of 2346, and do the long division, so you

Now bring down the last digit of 2346 (the 6), and ask yourself how many
times 56 goes into 106.  Put that number next to the 4 at the very top, and
then when you subtract 56 times that number from 106, you will be left
with a remainder.  See if you can finish off this problem.  Have fun!

--Sydney, "Dr. Math"
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