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Rounding Decimals

Date: 8/25/96 at 22:37:45
From: Anonymous
Subject: Rounding Decimals

I'm trying to round 0.03846 to the nearest tenth.  
Would it be 0.00000 or would it stay the same?

Date: 8/30/96 at 13:43:1
From: Doctor Jerry
Subject: Re: Rounding Decimals

It would be 0.0.  Rounding can be visualized by plotting on a number 
line.  If, for example, you wish to round 0.03846 to the nearest 
tenth, then start by plotting 0.03846 and several nearby tenths, say 
0.0 and 0.1.  Which of these is 0.03846 nearest?  Certainly, 0.0 is 
the nearest tenth.

-Doctor Jerry,  The Math Forum
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