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Multiplying by 1000

Date: 03/10/97 at 18:40:15
From: Peggy Suter
Subject: Math

What is two thousand five hundred forty two x one thousand and how did 
you do it?

Date: 03/11/97 at 11:10:51
From: Doctor Mike
Subject: Re: Math

Dear Peggy,
Any time you multiply a number by 10 it moves the decimal point one 
place to the right. Similarly, any time you divide a number by 10 it 
moves the decimal point one place to the left.  Speaking of decimal 
points, a whole number has a decimal point, even though it is 
sometimes not written.  For your number, "2542" is the same as "2542." 
which is the same as "2542.0000" , etc.   
Okay, why am I talking to you about 10 when you asked about 1000?
The reason is that 1000 is "ten times ten times ten" or 10 cubed,
so multiplying by 1000 is exactly the same as multiplying by 10 three 
times.  With me so far?  

Let's look at your problem : 
       2542 x 1000  =  2542.0000 x 10 x 10 x 10  =  2542000.0
So the answer is 2542000 , which is about 2 and a half million.
Sometimes larger numbers like this are written using commas 
like  2,542,000  but this is not necessary.
-Doctor Mike,  The Math Forum
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