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Name an Equivalent Decimal

Date: 08/31/2001 at 16:31:06
From: Daniel Kotnik
Subject: Equivalent decimal

The question states "Name an equivalent decimal." Examples of 
problems:  0.3, 3.10, 2.7, 5.00, 87.05, etc. 

My mother can convert them to fractions, but it doesn't say anything 
about fractions, just another decimal. I'm not sure how to get it from 
one decimal to another. 

Thanks for all of your help.

Date: 08/31/2001 at 17:04:07
From: Doctor Peterson
Subject: Re: Equivalent decimal

Hi, Daniel.

The only way to rewrite a decimal without changing its value is to add 
extra zeros at the end, or remove them from the end. For example, 
these are equivalent:

    0.3 = 0.30 = 0.300 = 0.3000

This amounts to rewriting the decimal as an equivalent decimal 

    3/10 = 30/100 = 300/1000 = 3000/10000

Also, of course, the following have the same value, though I don't 
think they are usually listed as equivalent decimals, because they 
don't correspond to equivalent fractions:

    00.3  000.3

- Doctor Peterson, The Math Forum   
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