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What is the Plural of Rhombus?

Date: 7 Apr 1995 11:12:12 -0400
From: period5group5
Subject: polygons

Hi! Say, what exactly is the plural of "rhombus?"  We aren't sure if it 
is "rhombi" or "rhombuses."  Sure hope you can help!

        David Ranallo, Brian Coleman, Luke Donatelli, Beth Reinhart
        Shaler Area High School
        Mr. Detzel

Date: 9 Apr 1995 20:12:46 -0400
From: Dr. Ethan
Subject: Re: polygons

Hey David,Brian,Luke, and Beth,

I must say I was never very good at this stuff but I looked it up and 
according to my dictionary it is both. I looked in the "American Heritage
Dictionary" and they list both as possible plural forms. I prefer rhombuses,
but that is just my personal preference.

Ethan, Doctor On Call
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