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Multiply: 16 x 200

Date: Tue, 6 Dec 94 14:54:09 PST
From: blair crawford
Subject: math

Dear Dr. math,

I want to know the answer to the problem 
sixteen times two hundred.


Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 23:59:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Dr. Sydney
Subject: Re: math

Dear Blair:

        Hello there!  Thanks for writing to Dr. Math.  

I don't know how much you have worked with multiplication, but I can 
tell you a little trick that may help you with this problem.  200 is just 
2 times 100 right?  Have you ever noticed that when you multiply a 
whole number by 100 all you do is tack on two zeroes at the end?  

Well, to find out what 16 x 200 is, we can find out what 16 x 2 is, and 
then multiply by 100 (or just tack on those extra 0's).  

So, what is 16 x 2?  That's the same as 16 + 16, right?  And, 16 + 16 
is 32.  So, 16 x 2 is 32.  So, 16 x 200 is 3200 (we just tacked on two
extra zeroes) 

Does that make sense?  It's a different way of looking at multiplication
than you may be used to, but I hope it helps.  Write back with any other

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