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Macintosh Elementary Math Software

Date: 01/14/97 at 08:05:47
From: Anonymous
Subject: Software for Mac Computer - Multiplication 3rd Grade

Dear Dr. Math,

I have a daughter in the 3rd grade who is having a real problem 
memorizing her multiplication tables.  Are there any good Macintosh 
software packages out there for elementary school math that would help 
her learn multiplication?  She will know something one minute and then 
five minutes later she will forget the answer. It is very frustrating. 
Help!  Thank you for any help you can give us.

Date: 01/14/97 at 13:29:29
From: Doctor Steve.
Subject: Re: Software for Mac Computer - Multiplication 3rd Grade


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have published their mathematics 
manipulative and software correlation for grades K-6 showing which 
software packages teach which concepts:   

There's a Web site that offers two pages of reviews of math software 
for young students:   

My son has played with and enjoyed the MathBlaster titles and you can 
read about them at the publisher's site:   

He has also liked many of the Learning Company products and you can 
read about them at the publisher's Web site:   

There's a review of Treasure Galaxy here:   

We, at the Math Forum, host a page pointing to math software reviews:   

You can get a reasonable selection of products to investigate by using 
our Internet Mathematics Library Searcher, selecting "Elementary" as 
the level and "Software" as the type of resource (for a more focused 
search, enter a keyword):   

Two other internet software sites to check out are Math Archives- 
Software and the K-12 Math Lessons and Software Database:   

There's a site, about which we know very little, that is advertising 
education software discounts as well as selling some of the titles 
mentioned above:   

MathTutor5 is being advertised on the Internet, but we can't vouch for 

Here's a multiplication table lesson plan by V.Halsted, Lincoln 
Elementary, Woodburn, Oregon:   

BasicMulti is a flash card program:   

Here's another very extensive education software listing from Computer 

-Doctor Steve,  The Math Forum
 Check out our web site!   
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