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6th and 3rd Grade Math Resources

From: Harald Skardal
Subject: My 6th and 3rd graders
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 94 10:27:07 EST

My sons, in 6th and 3rd grade, love math. Is there a Web 
forum, downloadable problems, or how do I get them involved?


Subject: Re: My 6th and 3rd graders

Hi Harald.

Try the Forum's Math Library, which has a lot of cool math and 
education Web sites.  You might find something interesting there.   

Of course, you might find something interesting on the Math Forum itself!
You can certainly poke around a bit.

Feel free to write to me (or to Dr. Math) for more information.

-Annie, Consulting Physician :-)

From Steve:

Harald, you might want to read the rec.puzzles newsgroup for good 
problems of all kinds.  There also is an archive of past puzzles and a 
regular posting of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which helps 
people stay away from asking about puzzles already well-explored 
on the group.  Let me know if you need help figuring out how to 
access these.  -- steve

THE rec.puzzles ARCHIVE

The entire archive is also accessible via anonymous FTP, from any 
site which maintains archives of the newsgroup news.answers.  One 
such site is, where the archive is in the directory
/pub/usenet/news.answers/puzzles/archive.  Because the text of the
archive is so large, it is broken into a number of files with names
according to the types of puzzles in each part.  The file Instructions
contains the index.  The remaining files contain alternating problem
text and solution text for all the puzzles.  Occasionally a single
puzzle is split between files.

THE rec.puzzles ORACLE

This is a group of rec.puzzles regulars, who are familiar with the
rec.puzzles archive, and who will find your answer there if it exists,
or maybe compose an original answer if they are interested enough!
At any rate, they promise to respond to your question within two days,
and perhaps save you the embarrassment of posting a well-worn
question.  They will respond within two days even if they do not know
the answer to your question.

To query the rec.puzzles oracle, send email containing your question
to the following address:

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Send them to the 
oracle, or to Chris Cole.
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