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Decillion, Vigintillion, Trigintillion...

Date: 12/10/98 at 13:42:44
From: Brennan Trichardt
Subject: Large Numbers

After seeing your posting on Large numbers

[see   ] 

I see the pattern.

Could you please complete the following pattern?

   1 with 33  zeros after it is a Decillion
   1 with 63  zeros after it is a Vigintillion
   1 with 93  zeros after it is a Trigintillion
   1 with 123 zeros after it is a ?
   1 with 153 zeros after it is a ?
   1 with 183 zeros after it is a ?
   1 with 213 zeros after it is a ?
   1 with 243 zeros after it is a ?
   1 with 273 zeros after it is a ?
   1 with 303 zeros after it is a Centillion

I'm writing a program that will convert numbers into the text of how 
to say them.


   input: 120340000000
   output: OneHundredTwentyBillionThreeHundredFortyMillion

Date: 12/10/98 at 14:44:55
From: Doctor Schwa
Subject: Re: Large Numbers

From John Conway and Richard Guy, _The Book Of Numbers_, p. 15:

[The * below means:
When it is immediately before a component marked with s or x, tre
increases to tres and se to s or x as appropriate. Similarly septe and
nove increase to septem and novem or septen and noven immediately 
before components marked with m or n.]

  units: (prefixes)

     tre (*)
     se (*)
     septe (*)
     nove (*)


     (n)  deci
     (ms) viginti
     (ns) triginta
     (ns) quadraginta
     (ns) quinquaginta
     (n)  sexaginta
     (n)  septuaginta
     (mx) octoginta


     (nx) centi
     (n)  ducenti
     (ns) trecenti
     (ns) quadringenti
     (ns) quingenti
     (n)  sescenti
     (n)  septingenti
     (mx) octingenti

Conway and Guy also describe a method to extend this to the naming of
all numbers,

  by combining these according to the convention that XilliYilliZillion
  (say) denotes the (1000000X + 1000Y + Z)th zillion, using "nillion"
  for the zeroth "zillion" when this is needed as a placeholder. So
  for example the million-and-third zillion is a "millinillitrillion".

That means (American) 10^3000012, or (British) 10^6000018.

I hope you enjoy this idea as much as I do! Anything that gives me an 
excuse to use the word "zillion" and "millinillitrillion" makes my day.

- Doctor Schwa, The Math Forum   
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