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Date: 05/14/2002 at 22:52:34
From: Amar
Subject: pronumeral

What is a pronumeral? I cannot find the answer anywhere. 

Date: 05/15/2002 at 09:33:09
From: Doctor Peterson
Subject: Re: pronumeral

Hi, Amar.

I'd never heard this term used, though I could easily imagine what it 
would mean: the math equivalent of a pronoun, a word like "it" that 
takes the place of a specific noun (like "dog"). So a pronumeral 
would simply be a letter used in an equation to stand for a number, 
which we more often call a variable. (The difference appears to be 
that "variable" is sometimes taken to imply that the value can 
change, whereas a "pronumeral" may also be a "constant", an 
unspecified value that is not considered to be changing. For most 
purposes, this distinction is not important.) 

I did a Google search for the word, and most of the sites that use it 
are Australian, so it must be popular in the Australian educational 
community. It sounds like it may have been introduced elsewhere but 
did not catch on in most of the world.

But even there, I didn't find any sites that clearly distinguish
"pronumeral" from "variable," just several that say you are supposed 
to know both terms.

- Doctor Peterson, The Math Forum 
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