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Irrational Equations

Date: 06/02/2002 at 16:53:15
From: Brad Strickland
Subject: Irrational Equations

I am having serious trouble finding ANYTHING on irrational 
equations.  I have used up all the books my library had on anything 
relating to math and no websites seem to have any information on 
them.  If you could take a moment to tell me what they are and 
perhaps how to go about solving them, I would be most appreciative.

Date: 06/03/2002 at 09:51:02
From: Doctor Rick
Subject: Re: Irrational Equations

Hi, Brad.

I am not familiar with this term. A rational equation is one 
involving a ratio of expressions, that is, one expression (such as a 
polynomial) divided by another. But there is no sensible way to give 
a meaning to "irrational equation" in the same way -- an equation 
that does NOT involve ratios, perhaps?

In a quick Web search for the phrase "irrational equation", the only 
mathematical references I found were in lists of topics covered in 
high school algebra courses. Thus it appears that this is a 
pedagogical term only, not one that mathematicians use in the "real 
world" (after graduation). The closest I could see to a definition is 
something like "an equation involving radicals". I would not use the 
term "irrational equation" for this; I'd just say "radical equation".

If this is what the term means, then it's a rather broad category and 
no one method will always work. You can search the Dr. Math Archives, 
for items using the words "radical" and "equation", or "root" 
and "equation", and some of the items you find will give methods for 
solving particular "irrational equations".  For example: 

- Doctor Rick, The Math Forum 

Date: 06/03/2002 at 15:01:02
From: Brad Strickland
Subject: Thank you (Irrational Equations)

Well I checked some stuff out and it looks like Radical 
Equations fits the bill.  Thanks for your help, you have 
saved me countless hours :]

By the way,   

looks to be a good linking page if anyone asks about this again.
Thanks again.
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