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Prorating the Rent

Date: 09/19/2002 at 17:50:24
From: Mandy Mcentire
Subject: Wanting to figure my rent for this month

If my rent is $127 and I moved in on the 11th of this month, what 
will my prorated amount be for September?

Date: 09/19/2002 at 19:37:31
From: Doctor White
Subject: Re: Wanting to figure my rent for this month

Mandy -

Mathematically speaking you can figure this by using a proportion.

Number of days
--------------  is a ratio you could use for your proportion.   
  total rent

    30 days       20 days     (since there are 20 days left in Sept.)
   ---------  =  ---------
    $127            $ x

Now you can solve the proportion by cross multiplying and dividing.

   30x = (20)(127),  so 

     x = [(20)(127)]/30

I will let you do the computation. I hope this helps you with problems 
that can use proportions to find solutions. Come back to see us soon.

- Doctor White, The Math Forum 
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