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  1. Alternative Instruction and Alternative, Performance-Based Assessment - Jane Ehrenfeld; Math Forum
    Two annotated bibliographies designed to present ways in which assessment can be altered without drastic restructuring of class and curriculum. Some of the articles and books referenced have links to portfolio-based instruction and assessment, and can therefore provide resources for teachers interested in pursuing portfolio systems in their classrooms. All of the articles are math-related, and many give concrete lesson plans and suggestions for practice. more>>

  2. The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education - Iddo Gal and J. B. Garfield (eds.)
    A book that discusses conceptual and pragmatic issues in the assessment of statistical knowledge and reasoning skills among students at the college and precollege (K12) levels, and the use of assessments to improve instruction. more>>

  3. Assessment - Classroom Compass
    The spring 1996 issue of Classroom Compass examines assessment as an integral part of the learning cycle. One activity, Thinking Aloud About Mathematics, provides an innovative idea for assessing student learning in a high school mathematics classroom. Excerpts from the National Science Education Standards and Assessment Standards for School Mathematics accompany the activity. A resource list, Classroom Assessment, completes the issue. more>>

  4. Assessment in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Education at The Math Forum
    The Math Forum's suggested sites on assessment in mathematics education including the NCTM Standards; sessions on assessment at meetings; and selected books and articles on assessment. more>>

  5. Assessment Suggestions - Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher FAQ
    Answers to a frequently asked question: How can I assess my students at the beginning of the year? Mid-year? Throughout the year? more>>

  6. Authentic Assessment Toolbox - Jon Mueller
    A how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving student learning, including an introduction to the topic with comparison to traditional test-based assessment, why and how best to use it, standards, tasks, rubrics (scoring scales), portfolios, and a guide to constructing tests. The site also includes examples of standards, tasks and rubrics, and portfolios, a glossary of common terms, and a series of dialogues imagining the author coaching a teacher through this process. more>>

  7. Educational Testing Service (ETS)
    ETS is a private nonprofit educational assessment and measurement institution based in Princeton, NJ, USA. This server provides information about its tests (SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, LSAT) and services (including Practice Test Questions, Career Planning, Financial Aid). more>>

  8. Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment - North Carolina State University
    Links to general resources - Discussion Groups, Forums, Archives of Articles, Lists of Links, etc.; Assessment of specific skills or content; Individual institutions' assessment-related pages, and Accrediting bodies. more>>

  9. Measuring Up, Prototypes for Mathematics Assessment - National Academy of Sciences
    An electronic version of Measuring Up, a book on assessing students in accordance with the NCTM math standards by the National Research Council that provides examples of problems students should be able to solve at a fourth grade level and insights on how to evaluate their responses. It is designed to provide an overview of the book's key concepts and runs on any Macintosh computer with Hypercard 2.0 or higher. From the Mathematical Sciences Education Board, National Research Council. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., Copyright 1994, National Academy of Sciences. more>>

  10. Measuring What Counts: Executive Summary - MSEB, National Research Council
    "'You can't fatten a hog by weighing it,' said a farmer to a governor at a public hearing in order to explain in plain language the dilemma of educational assessment. To be useful to society, assessment must advance education, not merely record its status...." Purchase the book, read it or its executive summary online, or download a PDF of the executive summary. By the Mathematical Sciences Education Board, National Research Council. more>>

  11. Preparing for Assessment - Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher FAQ
    Answers to a frequently asked question: How can I prepare my students for assessments? more>>


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