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  1. Internet Computer Math Resources - Math Forum
    Internet resources for integrating computers into the math classroom, one of the Math Forum's series of pages dealing with issues in math education. more>>

  2. Internet Use by Teachers - Teaching, Learning, and Computing (TLC)
    Teaching, Learning, and Computing has issued its first newsletter report, providing data collected in spring 1998 for a nationally representative sample of more than 2,000 teachers on how they use the Internet - or don't - and what distinguishes users from non-users. To obtain a copy, download the report in PDF format from the site. You may also purchase a hard copy for $8.00 or the entire series of twelve TLC reports for $80.00, or subscribe onsite to the TLC newsletter, at $12.00 for 5 issues. This is the first in a series of twelve reports to be produced from an NSF/OERI grant on Computer Technology and Instructional Reform.