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  1. Career Information (SIAM) - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    Examples of questions addressed by applied mathematics -- whether genetic engineering, designer drugs, diesel engines, digital TV, financial markets, paper mills, electric power, insurance rates, inflation statistics, computer chips, compact disks, credit cards, car doors, or circuit boards, mathematics is everywhere in modern business and industry. Contents include: Applied Mathematicians and Computational Scientists; The Industrial Environment; What Employers Expect; Preparing for Industrial Employment; and Profiles in Mathematics. See, in particular, SIAM's primer Thinking of a Career in Applied Mathematics? more>>

  2. Employment and Careers (AMS) - American Mathematical Society
    The AMS Employment Services section includes an overview, EIMS (Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences) Employment Listings, a Mathematical Sciences Employment Center, Job Seeker's List, Graduate Student Services, AMS Standard Cover Sheet, AMS-MAA-SIAM Project for Non-Academic Employment, Other Electronic Career Resources, and Career Information for High School Students, and fellowship and funding announcements. The site also includes career and employment articles. more>>

  3. Online Classifieds (NCTM) - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    An advertising service of nctm.org. Listings of jobs (positions available and wanted in math education), math announcements, and math products online. more>>

  4. Resources for Undergraduates in Mathematics (MAA) - Mathematical Association of America
    Answers and links to sites that answer questions such as: What can I do with a math major? Where can I find help on finding the first job? What has been the experience of other students? What are some other resources? more>>

  5. Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources (PhDs.Org) - Geoff Davis; Dartmouth College
    Information for scientists and would-be scientists at all levels, from high school students through Nobel laureates. Finding Employment; Required Reading (articles on the current job market problems for Ph.D.s; Postdocs; Graduate School; Career Information; Information Technology; Recommended Links; Teaching; Undergraduate Research and Education; and The Big Picture - important issues affecting the scientific community and academia. more>>

  6. We Use Math - BYU Mathematics Department
    From actuary to urban planner, read short descriptions of the scores of careers that use math -- or log in to submit your own career entry. Each occupation's write-up includes its salary range, educational background, the specific math courses it requires, when math is used in that line of work, its potential employers, facts, and citations. "How to succeed in math" lists seven suggestions for getting ahead in your math education. Resources for teachers include posters, t-shirts, and other materials bearing positive math slogans; downloadable multimedia, including the "We Use Math" video; and a flow chart mapping the basic path in undergraduate mathematics training. Math in Real Life" includes "Math Makes You Smarter"; "Math Will Rock Your World"; and other articles on advanced degrees and professional schools, and the fifteen most lucrative college degrees. Tidbits provide curiosities such as celebrity math majors (Art Garfunkel, Teri Hatcher, Michael Jordan, Wimbledon champion Virginia Wade, Pro Bowl quarterback Frank Ryan). more>>

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  1. 50 States' Certification Requirements - College of Education, University of Kentucky
    Links to teacher certification requirements for all 50 states, as well as a K-12 job opportunities database. ...more>>

  2. AASA Online - American Association of School Administrators
    A professional organization focusing on improving the condition of children and youth, preparing schools and school systems for the 21st century, connecting schools and communities, and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of school leaders. The site ...more>>

  3. Academic Employment Network (AEN) - Career Network Associates
    AEN lists available positions in colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions for faculty, staff, and administrative professionals, striving to bring you the most comprehensive listing of educational positions available throughout North America. ...more>>

  4. AERA Special Interest Group: Research in Mathematics Education - Jeff Shih
    Research in Mathematics Education is a Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association. The purpose of SIG/RME is to promote and to disseminate research, development, and evaluative efforts in mathematics education, and to promote ...more>>

  5. American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC)
    A service for members and other interested professionals to review and receive current information on AMATYC's programs and activities and the activities of affiliates. Conference information, Job listings, list of available publications, how to join ...more>>

  6. An Analysis of the Job Market for Mathematicians - Geoff Davis
    Draft of a paper on the mathematics job market, submitted to the Notices of the AMS. It contains: a comprehensive overview of current labor market conditions for mathematicians; a simple model of the supply process that predicts the observed 10 year oscillations ...more>>

  7. Being a Professional Mathematician - Mann, Tony; and Good, Chris
    Resources about becoming a mathematician include recorded interviews with them, historians, and representatives of the professional bodies and learned societies that support them; outline worksheets for undergraduates; suggested essay topics, project ...more>>

  8. BIG Math Network
    Connecting academia, business, industry, and government (BIG), this collaborative effort brings together the mathematical sciences community to build job opportunities for mathematical scientists; communicate the value of mathematical science in the workplace; ...more>>

  9. Blog of a Math Teacher
    A newly minted math teacher reflects on going back to school, the first day of practice teaching, state certification, job hunting, the interview, and more. With archives dating back to July, 2003. ...more>>

  10. Blog on math blogs - American Mathematical Society
    A blog by "two mathematicians touring the mathematical blogosphere." Posts, which date back to April, 2013, have included "Binary Bonsai and Other Mathematical 'Plants,'" "Building the World Digital Mathematical Library," "On Pregnancy and Probability," ...more>>

  11. CAMEL - Canadian Mathematical Society / Société mathématique du Canada
    The bilingual (English/French) Web service of the Canadian Mathematical Community, with links to the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS), the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), the European Mathematics Information Service (EMIS), the Société ...more>>

  12. CanTEEN - Carnegie Science Center
    Activities and other resources to get female teenagers excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) include Do It Yourself Science, Cool Career Connections, and Tour Your Future. A project of Carnegie Science Center's Chevron Center ...more>>

  13. Career.edu: Job Board for the Academic and Research Community
    Nonprofit job board for the academic and research community. Many academic positions in math, physics, and astronomy. ...more>>

  14. Career Network - The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Faculty and research positions in mathematics: new job announcements from the latest issues of The Chronicle, plus other information useful to people pursuing careers in higher education. The Chronicle also offers e-mail notification of new job openings. ...more>>

  15. Career Profiles - AMS-MAA-SIAM Mathematical Sciences Career Information Project
    Mathematicians at work: practical answers to the question, Why should I study math? More than 40 short essays written by math majors around the country about the types of work they are doing after having received their undergraduate or graduate degrees. ...more>>

  16. Careers in Mathematics - Department of Mathematics, Purdue University
    A compilation of online career resources available to students, both undergraduates and graduates. What Can You Do with a Math Degree? Just what do mathematicians do? Also, resources and FAQs for finding jobs in mathematics, matriculating to a graduate ...more>>

  17. Center on Education and Work (CEW) - School of Education, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
    The Center provides leadership in identifying and responding to issues affecting the connections among education, work, community and the family. Special focus on initiatives in the areas of School-to-Work, Tech Prep, and Coordinated Workforce Development. ...more>>

  18. Early Career Profiles: Recent bachelors-level graduates in the mathematical sciences - American Mathematical Society
    A collection of profiles of alumni from a variety US colleges and universities who majored in mathematics. Each profile includes statements of what the alumnus or alumna now does, the math each uses on the job, the recent graduate's educational background, ...more>>

  19. ecalculus.org: The Calculus Page - Hass, Kouba, University of California, Davis, CA
    Resources for calculus students: calculus problems with solutions; sample exams; excerpts from "How to Ace Calculus" (the Streetwise Guide); animations; tips on preparing for exams; mathematics and the job market (professions that use mathematics); and ...more>>

  20. EducationDegree.com - Degree Prospects, LLC
    A free, informational website for both current and aspiring teachers to find colleges and universities that confer certifications, master's, doctorates, and other education degrees. Browse the database by selecting a location, which includes online programs ...more>>

  21. e-Mentoring Network - American Mathematical Society
    A blog "designed to address relevant questions that students, postdoctoral researchers and junior faculty may have regarding their own advancement in mathematics," such as considering graduate school, choosing a graduate program, leveraging research experiences ...more>>

  22. Equalis - Equalis LLC
    Register for industrial-grade Scilab support and open source software in Scilab, Octave, Sage and R. Equalis also offers members-only math blogs, discussion groups, and forums; opportunities to meet and collaborate; a career center for math and "math-centric" ...more>>

  23. Euro-Math-Job - Sigmundur Gudmundsson; Lund University, Sweden
    Vacant academic positions in the European Departments of Mathematics and Statistics: links to job pages around Europe, set up and maintained by the various member societies of the EMS, established by Sigmundur Gudmundsson (Lund University, Sweden) on ...more>>

  24. Grad Blog - American Mathematical Society
    A "blog for and by math grad students." Posts, which date back to February, 2009, have included "Finding an Advisor," "Navigating Seminars — A First Year's Perspective," "Five Pieces of Advice for the Beginning Teaching Assistant," "Choosing a graduate ...more>>

  25. Graduate Recruitment and Actuarial Jobs - Hewitt UK
    Graduate career opportunities and internships with Actuarial Jobs at Hewitt UK. ...more>>

  26. Graduate School in Your Future? - Dianne Prost O'Leary
    Written by a former director of undergraduate studies attempting to smoothe the transition from undergraduate to professional, this document offers advice to students on entering, surviving, and thriving during graduate study and beyond. Graduate School ...more>>

  27. GreatTeacher.net - Robin Alexander
    GreatTeacher.net provides free resources to the teaching community: user-friendly job classifieds, email, discussion areas, an interactive calendar, resource links, and other services. ...more>>

  28. International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)
    Promotes the development of Bayesian statistical theory and its application to problems in science, industry and government. News, history and minutes, archive of abstracts, information about the Reverend Thomas Bayes, and open positions in the field. ...more>>

  29. Internet Engineering Center - InterEC.NET
    InterEC.NET is a comprehensive engineering specific job search website featuring jobs database, resume database, discussion forums, and salary surveys. ...more>>

  30. Irish Mathematical Society
    Furthers mathematics and mathematical research in Ireland. Twice-yearly bulletin, membership information, meetings, and current job openings. ...more>>

  31. ISSMO: The International Society of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
    Calendar of events, list of members and membership information, and employment and publication notices. ...more>>

  32. Job Interview - Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher FAQ
    Answers to a frequently asked question: What issues should a teacher think about before a job interview? ...more>>

  33. Job Offers in Mathematics - myScience
    Mathematics job offers, as collected by an international job board for scientists, researchers, and engineers. Position categories include regular employment, scientific officer/scientific assistant, junior researcher/PhD position, lecturer, senior researcher/postdoc, ...more>>

  34. Jobs for Mathematicians - American Mathematical Society
    An automated job application system for mathematicians to apply for jobs, keep track of applications, print out paper coversheets, and invite their reference writers to submit letters. Sponsored by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) in cooperation ...more>>

  35. Jobs for Statisticians and Analysts - Data Shaping Solutions
    Jobs in statistics and mathematical finance. A site for employers, recruiters, and applicants. ...more>>

  36. Linear logic in computer science - Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy (IML)
    A network of research groups (part of the European Training and Mobility for Researchers program) concerned with the relation between logic and theoretical computer science. Description of research areas; description of the sites; list of meetings and ...more>>

  37. Mark Tomforde's Website
    Home page of a University of Houston math professor who focuses on functional analysis, "examining algebraic questions motivated by analysis and also studying algebras that are related to C*-algebra." Tomforde maintains a repository of open problems for ...more>>

  38. Mathblog.com - Antonio Cangiano
    Promoting "the beauty of mathematics at every level" since 2007. Posts from Cangiano and other contributors, organized into such topics as books, math education, and history, have included "An accessible Calculus book and Benjamin Franklin's secret passion"; ...more>>

  39. Mathematical Sciences Career Information - AMS - MAA - SIAM Project for Nonacademic Employment
    What a mathematician working in industry or the government does all day; applications provided by the mathematicians profiled on the mathematics careers bulletin board; archives; a mentoring program; and a summary of data from the 1993 National Survey ...more>>

  40. Mathematician - CareerQA
    Work environment, career outlook, salary and degree information, and general advice about the job prospects of mathematicians. Frequently Asked Questions about employment include "Is a math degree useless?" and "Can a math major become an engineer?" and ...more>>

  41. Mathematics by Somos - Michael Somos
    A mathematician at Cleveland State University and the originator of Somos Polynomials and the Somos Sequence. Brief discussions of these objects, as well as rational triangles and Pythagorean triples, may be found on this site along with links to resources ...more>>

  42. MATHguide - Mark Karadimos
    A mathematics resource bank for students, parents and teachers, with puzzles (you may e-mail your answers), links to articles about educational issues, terminology, help, projects, lesson plans (with interactive quizzes, and chat boards. ...more>>

  43. Math/Science Network - Betty Levitin, Executive Director
    A non-profit membership organization of educators, scientists, mathematicians, parents, community leaders, and government and corporate representatives whose mission is to promote the continuing advancement in mathematics and science education of all ...more>>

  44. Math & Science - Teach for America
    The national teacher corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors and cultural backgrounds who commit two years to teach in under-resourced urban and rural public schools. Each year about 1,000 corps members reach more than 100,000 ...more>>

  45. Math Teacher Career Guide - Project 8 Labs LLC
    All about careers in the math classroom, for every state in the union: education requirements, pathways to certification, salary and job outlooks, and more. See, in particular, TeacherCertificationDegrees.com's collection of interviews, including Scott ...more>>

  46. MoSAIC
    A traveling series of interdisciplinary mini-conferences and festivals on mathematical connections in science, art, industry, and culture. Learn about overview and goals of MoSAIC, the nature of its events, how to bring one to a campus, and more. Administered ...more>>

  47. Myths in Math - Charles E. Mannix and Ken Ross
    An article about myths concerning the mathematics job market. ...more>>

  48. New Teachers and the Job Market - Key Issues in Mathematics at the Math Forum
    Links to sites with a variety of organization, resources, and information for those seeking jobs as mathematicians or that require a knowledge of mathematics. ...more>>

  49. Occupational Outlook Handbook - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
    Career information and statistics about many different jobs, such as mathematicians. Each outlook includes a description of the nature of the work, working conditions, number of people in a field and sources of employment, training, other qualifications, ...more>>

  50. Occupational Outlook Quarterly Online - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
    A journal about jobs and careers covering new, emerging, and unusual occupations, training opportunities, salary trends, results of new studies, etc. Includes summaries and excerpts from articles, with full text available for download in PDF format and ...more>>

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