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  1. Career Information (SIAM) - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    Examples of questions addressed by applied mathematics -- whether genetic engineering, designer drugs, diesel engines, digital TV, financial markets, paper mills, electric power, insurance rates, inflation statistics, computer chips, compact disks, credit cards, car doors, or circuit boards, mathematics is everywhere in modern business and industry. Contents include: Applied Mathematicians and Computational Scientists; The Industrial Environment; What Employers Expect; Preparing for Industrial Employment; and Profiles in Mathematics. See, in particular, SIAM's primer Thinking of a Career in Applied Mathematics? more>>

  2. Employment and Careers (AMS) - American Mathematical Society
    The AMS Employment Services section includes an overview, EIMS (Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences) Employment Listings, a Mathematical Sciences Employment Center, Job Seeker's List, Graduate Student Services, AMS Standard Cover Sheet, AMS-MAA-SIAM Project for Non-Academic Employment, Other Electronic Career Resources, and Career Information for High School Students, and fellowship and funding announcements. The site also includes career and employment articles.