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  1. Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics - Ronnie Brown, School of Mathematics, University of Wales, Bangor
    The Centre's goal is to present Mathematics to as wide as possible an audience, and to give an impression for mathematics of its objects of study, methodology, successes and applications, enjoyment, and the wider context. Includes the WWW version of the travelling exhibition: Mathematics and Knots, using the theme of knots to show some of the basic methods of mathematics, with master classes and a bibliography. Also an exploration of John Robinson's Symbolic Sculpture and its mathematics, with Ronald Brown. more>>

  2. Key Questions - Key Issues in Mathematics at the Math Forum
    Links to Web resources addressing questions such as: Why should the public support mathematics? Why is a research mathematics program necessary for graduate science programs? Why are we well-suited to teach mathematics to scientists and engineers? Why should people major in mathematics? What is a math degree good for? Why should students take mathematics courses? How can we answer when young students ask, "What good is math?" more>>

  3. Math Awareness Month (MAM) - Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM)
    Mathematics Awareness Month - formerly Math Awareness Week (MAW) - is held each April to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics. Since 1991, yearly themes and activities at the local, state, and regional levels have included mathematics and the environment, manufacturing, medicine, symmetry, decision making, the Internet, imaging, biology, oceans, "math spans all dimensions," and the human genome. Online essays, print posters, and web resources elaborate on the annual theme. Coordination for Mathematics Awareness Month is provided by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, which includes the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). more>>

  4. math - Futurity
    Math news aggregated from across a consortium of research universities. See also Futurity's section for science and technology articles. Futurity's consortium of research universities in United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom is led by the University of Rochester, Duke University, and Stanford University. more>>

  5. Math in Daily Life - Annenberg Media
    Students often question how they will use basic mathematical concepts, algebra, and geometry throughout their lives - but the average person uses math at least three times a day. Read how math affects daily decision-making in this series of short articles on: Playing to Win (probability, casinos, and the lottery; Savings and Credit (interest - simple and compounding - and managing a credit card); Population Growth (exponential growth and effective data display in charts and graphs); Home Decorating (figuring area, with a page on Pi); Cooking by Numbers (ratio and proportion, with information on the metric system); math as The Universal Language; and links to related math resources on the Web. Inspired by For All Practical Purposes: Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, a video series in the Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection. more>>

  6. Maths Busking
    Maths Busking aims "to show the public the surprising and fascinating side of mathematics through the medium of street performance," stage performance, entertainment at educational/scientific events, performer training sessions, teacher development and workshops for young people. Learn more about upcoming events in the UK and Poland, which include mind reading, Zeeman's ropes, cubic root whiz, divine remainder, emergency pentagon, knot a handkerchief, handshakes, waistcoat and handcuffs, twenty quid game, and magic square. more>>

  7. Maths Week Ireland - CALMAST, Waterford Institute of Technology
    Held annually in mid-October since 2006, this "all-Ireland celebration of Maths ... promotes, awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths through a huge variety of events and activities." See, in particular, the "Activities" button for puzzles, link listings, and other resources; the "Schools" tab links to several freely downloadable posters in the Irish language, as well as "A Helping of Pi," "Discovering Nature's Secrets," and the series "Maths Is All Around Us!" The gallery displays photos from Maths Weeks fun Dublin, Belfast, and Derry. more>>


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