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  1. Best Evidence Encyclopedia - Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education
    What mathematics programs have been proven to help students to succeed? The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE) provides summaries of scientific reviews produced by many authors and organizations, as well as links to the full texts of each review. See ratings of The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP), Everyday Mathematics, Connected Mathematics, Saxon Math, I Can Learn, Jostens/Compass Learning, SuccessMaker, Accelerated Math, as well as curricula primarily intended to change teachers' instructional strategies rather than curriculum or technology, such as cooperative learning and mastery learning. Additionally, this project of the Johns Hopkins University School of Education rates comprehensive school reform programs, such as KIPP, Edison, Success for All, and Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound. See also CDDRE's publications and "voices from the field," which features interviews with education professionals describing their experience using research-proven education programs and practices in their schools or district.