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  1. Math Forum Workshops - Math Forum
    Links to information about and agendas of past advanced resource development institutes and introductory workshops, and those currently being sponsored by the Math Forum. Forum workshops emphasize collaborative work and using the Internet in the math classroom. more>>

  2. Professional Development Program: Learning Math Together - the Math Forum @ Drexel
    Four types of professional development options: (1) Customized professional development offers opportunities for close collaboration and support over time. (2) Online professional development courses: six-week courses based around the Problem of the Week program, offered throughout the year with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available. (3) Community-facilitated online workshops: explore how technology can help students develop mathematical concepts. Workshop fees are covered by Drexel University. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available for a small fee on completion of the workshop. (4) Orientation sessions are one-week asynchronous sessions designed to introduce aspects of the Math Forum's services.