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January 2007: Write Math with the Math Forum - The Math Forum @ Drexel
A standards-aligned, grade-specific program to improve math problem solving. Engaging problems adapted from the Problems of the Week program have been correlated to state standards, math topics, and widely-used textbooks. Trial memberships are available.

February 2007: Mathematical Imagery - American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Mathematics and art come together in these albums of math-inspired and mathematically-generated works. Explore the images and the math behind them, send them as e-postcards, or follow links to online galleries, museums, and other resources about mathematics and art.

March 2007: Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) - University of Minnesota
The IMA seeks to build interdisciplinary teams of mathematicians and scientists, and to increase the talent base engaged in mathematical research. The IMA offers programs, workshops, conferences, graduate programs and postdoctoral fellowships, publications, seminars, and more. Read up on IMA activities via publications, material from IMA talks and public lectures, and IMA Impacts--brief synopses of IMA-supported research.

April 2007: Carl Bialik, the Numbers Guy
Carl Bialik is "The Numbers Guy" for the Wall Street Journal, writing about the use and abuse of numbers in the news, business, and politics. His personal site includes his columns on sports, technology, health, and other subjects. For the Journal, he writes both a blog and a column.

May 2007: Rainforest Maths - Jenny Eather
Engaging, interactive, Flash-based activities with an Australian rainforest theme, for grades K through 6.

June 2007: The Wolfram Demonstrations Project - Wolfram Research, Inc.
Interactive Mathematica illustrations of concepts from math, science, and many other areas, viewable with Mathematica 6 or the free Mathematica Viewer. Those with Mathematica may alter the code to suit their own preferences. Demonstrations cover concepts from simple arithmetic through current research, in a collection that grows daily as users contribute their own illustrations.

July 2007: Discovering Polygons and Polyhedra - Paul Scott; applets by Bob Allanson
Discover the relationships between various solids through questions-and-answers and applets. A series of guided explorations, beginning with polygons and moving through tilings and polyhedra into more exotic stellations and truncations, introduces the figures and poses issues to ponder.

August 2007: Matheatre - Sadie Bowman and Marc Gutman
Make calculus more memorable with "Calculus: the Musical," a comic "review" blend of sketch comedy, musical theatre, and lecture about the concepts and history of calculus. Musical styles range from Gilbert & Sullivan through to Madonna and Eminem. Lyrics, audio clips, and CD available on the site, as well as reviews, tour dates, and blog posts from the authors/performers.
More music! Joyce Frost, a member of the Math Forum community, writes, "Sharing math songs with students can be a nice ice-breaker in your classes. Here are a few of my favorites that have made the rounds with math educators and are available on YouTube." What You Know About Math and Finite Simple Group (of Order Two). (The Klein Four have a whole site of their own.)

September 2007: Villainy, Inc. - Maryland Public Television
To thwart the evil Dr. Wick, I.D., middle grade students take on the role of an advisor to his company, Villainy, Inc.--while secretly using their math skills to make sure Wick never succeeds. Through two missions, students explore statistics and probability, algebra, geometry, decimals, percentages, negative numbers, and more. Animated segments advance the story and show how the mathematical challenges influence its outcome. Two missions draw on the Maryland State Curriculum indicators and objectives. Includes teacher support and activities for families.

October 2007: TeacherTube - TeacherTube, LLC
Videos of, by, and for teachers. See, in particular, the math channel of this online community for sharing instructional videos. TeacherTube lets users attach support files such as assessments, lesson plans, and notes; browse hundreds of math videos; join video groups to connect with people who have similar interests; include TeacherTube videos on websites; and more.

November 2007: The Virtual Math Lab - Kim Peppard with Jennifer Puckett, West Texas A&M University (WTAMU)
Online tutorials for beginning, intermediate, and college students of basic and linear algebra, or for those preparing for the math parts of the GRE, Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA), and ACCUPLACER tests. Every tutorial has definitions, formulas, illustrations, and step-by-step examples, as well as practice problems and tests with answer keys, and links to sites with extra help.

December 2007: The SELECT Math Project - Boston Public Schools
The SELECT (Supporting Engaged Learning by Enhancing Curriculum with Technology) Math Project features over 300 links to web-based virtual manipulatives and worksheets aligned to the Connected Mathematics curriculum used in middle and high school classrooms. The site is organized by grade level, math topic, and state standards within the context of the district's Scope and Sequence pacing guide. The project has been recognized as a model of successful teacher training in No Child Left Behind's National Education Technology Plan.

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