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January 2009: Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) - Stevens Institute for Technology
CIESE fosters excellence in teaching and learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Center develops curriculum materials, conducts professional development programs, and researches new methodologies that strengthen STEM education, particularly in ways that incorporate new technologies.

February 2009: The KnotPlot Site - Robert Scharein
A collection of knots and links, viewed from a mathematical perspective. Images on this site were (mostly) created with KnotPlot, a program designed to visualize and manipulate mathematical knots in three and four dimensions. A picture gallery, description of the features of the program, and links to other knotty sites on the Web are included.

March 2009: Ponder This - IBM Research
Match wits with the minds at IBM Research, who post a new puzzle every month (some suggested by users at large), and welcome your solutions. Archives of previous challenges and their solutions reveal a mix of topics including discrete math, geometry, optimization, probability, combinatorics, and number theory.

April 2009: The Electronic Encyclopedia of Statistical Exercises and Examples (EESEE) - IBM Research
Supplementing introductory textbooks, the Electronic Encyclopedia of Statistical Exercises and Examples (EESEE) comprises over 80 "real-world" stories, or examples, about the uses and abuses of statistics and statistical inference, drawn from published and printed media encompassing a wide range of subject-matter areas. Each case study is accompanied by problems, graphics, and, in most cases, data sets portable to various statistical software packages. Some stories are also accompanied by video clips. A product of a National Science Foundation grant to Cornell University and The Ohio State University, currently developed with support at the latter by W.H. Freeman & Company.

May 2009: MERLOT Mathematics Portal - MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
Free higher-education online teaching materials, and a user community centered around those materials. Register to create, contribute, collect, and comment on resources, or become a peer reviewer or guest speaker. The site offers teaching tips for using the materials in the classroom, community tools, and links to partner projects and the wider world.

June 2009: Wolfram|Alpha - Wolfram Alpha LLC
A computational knowledge engine that "computes whatever can be computed about anything." Query Alpha about "essentially any kind of systematic factual knowledge," with particular strengths in "areas where computation or mathematics have traditionally had a more significant role, or where knowledge is more readily quantitative." Built with Wolfram Research's own Mathematica.

July 2009: The Math Dude - Mike DeGraba
As the Math Dude, Mike DeGraba engages students with his video explanations of Algebra I concepts. The 5- to 7-minute episodes are available via Flash on the web, podcast, RSS feed, and--if you live in Montgomery County, MD--cable TV. Episodes are produced to coordinate with Montgomery County's curriculum timetable, but are available on demand from the site.

August 2009: Math Images - The Math Forum @ Drexel, the National Sciences Digital Library (NSDL), Swarthmore College
The Math Images Project aims to introduce the public to mathematics through beautiful and intriguing images found throughout the fields of math. The images feature resources around the mathematics of the images, including discussions, applets, and other related features. Undergraduates writing to learn mathematics work on the site with computer science students who have made interactive programs and images to help explain the mathematics. They invite questions, conversations, collaborations, and contributions of images or other resources. a list of all the tools on the site.

September 2009: Interactive Math - Christopher J. Henrich
Henrich offers topics in recreational mathematics presented with interactive applets, including: the Golden Ratio: how to construct it, and why you might want to; patterns generated by mathematical kaleidoscopes; curves generated when one circle rolls around another, called trochoids; a new four-dimensional compound polytope, recently discovered by Dik Winter; interactive software to visualize three-dimensional star polyhedra, available for Mac OS X; and an algebraic technique that can be used to create many magic squares, some with additional "magic" properties.

October 2009: COMAP: the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications
"What is all this for, anyway?" COMAP helps answer that question. This non-profit organization offers multidisciplinary and academically rigorous curriculum materials and teacher development programs based on mathematical exploration of real-world problems. COMAP's NCTM Standards–aligned materials address elementary grades through undergraduates, and include CD-ROMs, periodicals, supplementary print materials, textbooks, videos and DVDs.

November 2009: Book of Odds
The Book of Odds contains hundreds of thousands of Odds Statements, from the odds of being the only one to survive a plane crash, to the odds of having a heart attack, to the odds of having ever eaten cold pizza for breakfast. The company's mission is to increase knowledge of and intuition about probabilities. Search for odds of concern or interest; compare the odds of events both unfamiliar and mundane; explore calibration pairs, comparison pairs, topical lists, time series, geographic distributions, and more; view odds in probability order; create the "Odds of Me," a list of Odds Statements that apply directly to you ("I am that 1 in 287!"); ... and much more.

December 2009: The Better File Cabinet
Eric Hsu created this highly searchable database of calculus problems, comments, and solutions, for use in the college workshops of Uri Treisman's Emerging Scholars Programs. Hsu plans eventually to integrate this database with his Better File Cabinet for math education papers, also available here. Other resources include a TA Professional Development wiki, other Treisman Intensive Workshop resources (program pages, worksheet archives, related links), and notes for Focus Group on Rich Groupworthy Problems (from December 2007 CMC-N Asilomar conference).

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