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  1. 9th Grade Math Proficiency Test - NASA Lewis Learning Technologies Project
    9th Grade Math Practice Questions to test addition, multiplication, word-problem skills, and basic algebraic skills. Includes answers and explanations. From the Proficiency Building Activities of the NASA Lewis Research Center K-12 Program. ...more>>

  2. A-1 All Subjects At-Home Tutoring ServiceŽ - Raymond La Barbera
    Specializes in private, one-to-one, at-home instruction in all subjects, grades, levels, and tests. Instructions on hiring a tutor; links to tutorials; advice for working with A-1 All Subjects, and for starting your own tutoring business. ...more>>

  3. AAA Math - John Banfill
    Online interactive lessons, exercises, practice, and games about basic arithmetic concepts and methods, for grades K-8. Topics include addition, comparing quantities, counting, decimals, division, estimation, factors, fractions, money, multiplication, ...more>>

  4. AAMT: Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
    A federation of affiliated associations representing all States and Territories within the Commonwealth of Australia, AAMT acts as a national network and council of mathematics educators. AAMT provides serial publications and a regular newsletter, resources ...more>>

  5. Aard 3D Puzzles - AardAsNails Software
    Rubik's cube-like puzzles to solve online. Virtually twist and spin a pyramid, cube, diacube, or diamond, selecting solid or transparent views. Purchase the full version for up to ten levels of difficulty and preset problems. ...more>>

  6. Aaron Robertson
    Aaron Robertson researches combinatorics, specifically Ramsey Theory. Abstracts of his papers are available online, and they may be downloaded in LaTeX, .dvi, PostScript, or PDF format. Related Maple packages, for which the code is available online, ...more>>

  7. AASA Online - American Association of School Administrators
    A professional organization focusing on improving the condition of children and youth, preparing schools and school systems for the 21st century, connecting schools and communities, and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of school leaders. The site ...more>>

  8. The ABACUS International Math Challenge - Tivadar Divéki, Grace Church School
    The ABACUS International Math Challenge is open to students in three categories (grades 3-4/ages 9-10; 5-6/ages 11-12; 7-8/ages 13-14), with 8 problems posed each month. The challenge begins in September and ends in April. It originated with the ABACUS ...more>>

  9. Abacus in Various Number Systems - Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, Alexander Bogomolny
    A Java simulation of the traditional abacus. Allows calculations in various number systems. The base ranges from 2 to 20. The tool inforces carry helping students grasp the idea of the positional, decimal in particular, number system. ...more>>

  10. AbacusMaster - Shabeeb Mohammed
    AbacusMaster sells a 17-rod soroban abacus and interactive tutorial software that covers abacus addition, abacus subtraction, abacus multiplication, and abacus division with more than hundred animated examples. ...more>>

  11. The Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads - Luis Fernandes
    A tutorial on using the abacus - a calculator whose earliest known use is circa 500 B.C. by the Chinese civilization. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be performed on a standard abacus. Beginning in about 1600 A.D., use and evolution ...more>>

  12. Abak-Bot
    Online calculators for determining an arbitrary number of the Fibonacci sequence; solving Diophantine equations; calculating the roots of a cubic complex equation; finding the area of intersection of the circles on the plane; calculating the shortest ...more>>

  13. Abarim Publications - Arie Uittenbogaard
    A site combining contemporary physics, mathematics and ancient literature, intended to be scientific, not religious. ...more>>

  14. Abbott and Costello's Wacky Math - Ivars Peterson (MathTrek)
    The Math in the Movies Web page provides an annotated list of films in which mathematics plays some sort of role. The choices range from the calculus lessons of Stand and Deliver to the mystifying numerology of the 1998 thriller Pi. Among the notable ...more>>

  15. The ABC Conjecture Home Page - Abderrahmane Nitaj
    A statement of the abc conjecture, first formulated by Joseph Oesterlé and David Masser in 1985, with generalizations, consequences, tables, and a bibliography. Also abc theses, and relevant links. ...more>>

  16. ABC Home Preschool - Shana Albert
    Resources for homeschoolers, including Preschool Curriculum Workbooks, binders that feature a nine month-long curriculum and "use and reuse" wipe-off pages. ...more>>

  17. ABC Spelling and Math Games - QMSoftware
    Math game, spelling game and quiz for the PC that lets you type in your own math quizzes, spelling lists, and multiple choice quizzes. Lovable interactive characters address children by name and provide encouragement and support. ...more>>

  18. ABCya.com - ABCya.com, L.L.C.
    Free educational math games that introduce basic computer skills: Geometry Practice, Addition with Manipulatives, Subtraction Match Game, Math Facts Basketball, Interactive 100 Number Chart, Math Bingo, Place Value Shoot-Out, Fraction Tiles, Tower of ...more>>

  19. Abelian Groups (Catalogue of Algebraic Systems) - John Pedersen, W. Edwin Clark; Dept. of Mathematics, University of South Florida
    Definition, examples, structure, decision problems, spectra and growth, and references about Abelian Groups. ...more>>

  20. The Abel Prize - The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
    The Abel Prize recognizes outstanding scientific work in the field of mathematics. Read about past honorees and the prize's namesake -- the first to prove the general binomial theorem -- including a scientific biography on the works of Niels Henrik Abel, ...more>>

  21. About a Line and a Triangle - Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, Alexander Bogomolny
    An interactive page illustrating how the relation between the vertices and the sides of a triangle can be investigated by rotating the triangle. ...more>>

  22. About Big Numbers - Joshua Honigwachs
    Explores the world of big numbers, from one thousand to a googol. Identifies what objects in the universe, from atoms to large scale structures, match these numbers. ...more>>

  23. about dyscalculia - Anna Wilson
    Information about dyscalculia "from the research community to parents, teachers, policy makers, and people affected by dyscalculia." Read a definition of this math learning disability, as well as causes, symptoms, and diagnosis. FAQ for teachers and parents ...more>>

  24. About Ellipses - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math Common Question
    A selection of answers to questions about ellipses, such as calculating their areas and perimeters, graphing them, and determining equations for them. ...more>>

  25. About e - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
    What is e? Who first used e? How do you find it? How many digits does it have? e = 2.71828... and is the base of natural logarithms. ...more>>

  26. About Proofs - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
    What is a proof? How do you write a two-column proof? ...more>>

  27. About Rainbows - Beverly T. Lynds
    A tutorial on the physical nature of the rainbow, with graphics and text references. The traditional rainbow is sunlight spread out into its spectrum of colors and diverted to the eye of the observer by water droplets. The "bow" part of the word describes ...more>>

  28. About Rubik's Cube - Dan Knights
    See the author's collection of Rubik's cubes, his solution and timing methods, thoughts on solving Rubik's Cube with your eyes closed, and suggestions for lubricating your cube and where to get them. ...more>>

  29. About Temperature Sensors
    A Web guide to contact (thermometers, etc.) and non-contact (thermal imagers, etc.) temperature sensors and their uses in temperature measurement. Includes vendors, displays, applications, meetings, and more. ...more>>

  30. About time - Keith Devlin (Devlin's Angle)
    An essay on time in mathematics and engineering (the time that we measure and use to regulate our lives). How did we come to measure time in the first place? What exactly is it that our timepieces measure? And what scientific principles do we use to construct ...more>>

  31. About Zero - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math Common Question
    A selection of answers to questions about zero, such as whether it is even or odd, prime or composite, positive or negative, and different from nothing. ...more>>

  32. The Absentminded Artist's Fractal Art Parade - Douglas R. Cootey
    Fractal images treated as a photographer would treat a landscape, incorporating design and color composition into each piece. Images were made with Fractal eXtreme, Ultra Fractal, FractalPro, Lyapunovia, and Mand2000. ...more>>

  33. Absolute Value - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math Common Question
    A selection of answers to questions about absolute value, such as real-life applications, its place in order of operations, and solving algebra inequalities that contain absolute values. ...more>>

  34. Abstract Algebra (Mathematics Archives) - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)
    An extensive list of links to sites with information about abstract algebra, classified by level and type of resource. ...more>>

  35. Abstract Algebra On-Line - John A. Beachy; Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Northern Illinois Univ.
    A site that contains many of the definitions and theorems from the area of mathematics generally called abstract algebra, with information on integers, functions, groups, polynomials, rings, fields, structure of groups, Galois theory, unique factorization, ...more>>

  36. Abstract Algebra On-Line: Structure of Groups - John A. Beachy; Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Northern Illinois Univ.
    Excerpted from Beachy/Blair, Abstract Algebra, 2nd Edition, 1996, Chapter 7: Isomorphism theorems, automorphisms; Conjugacy; Groups acting on sets; The Sylow theorems; Finite abelian groups; Solvable groups; Simple groups. Excerpted from Abstract Algebra ...more>>

  37. Abstract Algebra On-Line: Structure of Noncommutative Rings - John A. Beachy; Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Northern Illinois Univ.
    Excerpted from Abstract Algebra II, 1996, by John Beachy: Prime and primitive ideals; The Jacobson radical; Semisimple Artinian rings. ...more>>

  38. Abstract Algebra - Paul Garrett; Univ. of Minnesota
    Exercises to download in PostScript or dvi format, designed to indicate what things should be considered first when studying abstract algebra. Lecture notes are available in PDF and PostScript forms at Intro to Abstract Algebra. ...more>>

  39. Abstract and Applied Analysis (AAA) - Athanassios G. Kartsatos, Ed.
    A mathematical journal devoted to the publication of papers in the fields of Abstract and Applied Analysis, with emphasis on developments in Linear and Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Optimization Theory and ...more>>

  40. The abstract group concept - MacTutor Math History Archives
    Linked essay offering an introduction to the theory of finite groups (the title of the famous text written by Walter Ledermann), based on a lecture given by Peter Neumann at a conference at the University of Sussex. With references and other related web ...more>>

  41. Abstract Linear Spaces - MacTutor Math History Archives
    Linked essay covering the beginning of the vector concept and the move away from coordinate methods through the beginning of the 20th century with Peano, Hilbert, Schmidt and Banach, with 13 references (books/articles). ...more>>

  42. Abstract State Machines - Jim Huggins
    The Abstract State Machine (ASM) Project (formerly known as the Evolving Algebras Project) was started by Yuri Gurevich as an attempt to bridge the gap between formal models of computation and practical specification methods. The ASM thesis is that any ...more>>

  43. Abstracts - The Roles of Calculators in the Classroom - International Congress of Mathematics Education
    Abstracts of papers presented in Topic Group 18 of the International Congress of Mathematics Education held in Seville in July, 1996. Online and PDF versions of reports on numerous studies of calculator use in a wide variety of classroom situations. Introduction, ...more>>

  44. ABsurd MAth: Pre-algebra from another dimension - Michael Cain; HRM Video; LearningWave Communications
    An interactive problem-solving game series where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skill and knowledge. Many pages have hidden clues and areas; when players need help, they may email the staff for assistance. Teachers and parents may request ...more>>

  45. The Academic Advantage
    One-on-one instruction in the convenience of your own home that focuses on academic improvement and building confidence. Math topics tutored range from basic arithmetic to trigonometry, from pre-algebra to pre-calculus, from algebra to geometry, and also ...more>>

  46. Academic Employment Network (AEN) - Career Network Associates
    AEN lists available positions in colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions for faculty, staff, and administrative professionals, striving to bring you the most comprehensive listing of educational positions available throughout North America. ...more>>

  47. Academic Exchange Quarterly
    The Academic Exchange Quarterly invites research on affective learning issues such as persistence, self-confidence, attitudes, anxiety, assessment, intervention, and pedagogy. Submissions are welcome from researchers, teacher action researchers, administrators ...more>>

  48. Academic Info - Mathematics
    A listing of online college and research level math resources. The target audience is the college and university community; however, the subject guides will prove useful to high school and general users as well. ...more>>

  49. Academic Innovations
    Academic Innovations publishes a textbook series (Career Choices - five titles), an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to be used in English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and/or School-to-Work and Tech Prep classrooms. The company sponsors a ...more>>

  50. Academic OR/MS Courses on the Web - Armann Ingolfsson
    Links to Web pages of courses in Operations Research/Management Science and related fields offered at universities or colleges all over the world. Also short courses and tutorials on OR/MS-related topics. By Armann Ingolfsson for the INFORMS Forum on ...more>>

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