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  1. 2009 Mathematics Puzzle
    For students in grades 3-12 with a general knowledge of mathematics. Use the digits in the year 2009 and the operations +, -, x, , ^ (raised to a power), sqrt (square root), and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, to write expressions for the ...more>>

  2. $200 Double Bubble New Challenge (Math Chat) - Frank Morgan, MAA Online
    Challenge: This open problem appears as Conjecture 4.10 in "Component bounds for area-minimizing double bubbles," by Cory Heilmann, Yvonne Lai, Ben Reichardt, and Anita Spielman (NSF "SMALL" undergraduate research Geometry Group report, Williams College, ...more>>

  3. 2010 Mathematics Puzzle
    For students in grades 3-12 with a general knowledge of mathematics. Use the digits in the year 2010 and the operations +, -, x, , ^ (raised to a power), sqrt (square root), and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, to write expressions for the ...more>>

  4. 21st Century Educator - David Wees
    Wees serves as the learning specialist for information technology at Stratford Hall (Vancouver, BC). His blog posts, which date back to November, 2008, have included "Creating a WiiMote interactive white board at my school for under $50," "Eight Videos ...more>>

  5. 21st Century Problem Solving - Howard C. McAllister
    Examples of problems solved using reliable problem solving methods; discussion of the principles of reliable problem solving; a FAQ; and an evolving encyclopedia of solved problems in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The main focus is on pre-college ...more>>

  6. 21st Century Teachers Network (21CT) - The McGuffey Project
    A joint undertaking by several leading education organizations to encourage, recognize, and support educators who are developing skills in new technologies and using them in innovative ways with students and colleagues. This initiative is in support of ...more>>

  7. 22nd Annual AMATYC Conference (Mathematics Archives) - John St. Clair, Editor
    Presentations and contributed papers on mathematics education, improving quantitative literacy, multimedia in the classroom, real-world activities and applications, and more, from the proceedings of the Twenty-Second Conference of the American Mathematical ...more>>

  8. The 24 Game - Suntex International Inc.
    A site showing all the editions, challenge rules, tips, hints, and more about the 24 Game. Designed for all ages, play proceeds by creating the number 24 from the four numbers on a game card using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Watch ...more>>

  9. 24HourAnswers.com, Inc. - 24HourAnswers.com, Inc.
    Emailed answers to questions and homework problems, online tutoring, and a section of free SAT math prep packets: 30 highly-focused skill packets with answer keys and level of difficulty for each problem. ...more>>

  10. 24 Theory
    This "hobby website" offers JavaScript that calculates, enumerates, and displays all distinct solutions and solvable scenarios to the popular arithmetic card game, as well as interactive tables. 24theory.com also provides an online version of the 24 game ...more>>

  11. A 27-Vertex Graph That Is Vertex-Transitive and Edge-Transitive But Not 1-Transitive [PDF] - Peter Doyle
    A paper describing a 27-vertex graph that is vertex-transitive and edge-transitive but not 1-transitive. While all vertices and edges of the graph are similar, there are no edge-reversing automorphisms. PostScript, source, and PDF picture are available ...more>>

  12. 2Learn.org - Linda Blumenthal, Thinkwell Corp.
    Offering a variety of products including a comprehensive learning plan, created online. Many free resources for teachers, parents, and students, as well. Math games and tools. ...more>>

  13. 2nd Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS) - Rutgers University - DIMACS Center
    The 1996 CAARMS conference: announcement, program, how to order the proceedings. ...more>>

  14. 2 Pi Productions - Jake Scott
    Instructional math rap includes the original songs "Triangle Experts," "Special Right Triangles," "Graphing Trig Functions," "Quadratic Formula," and "The Best Pythagorean Rap Ever." Lyrics include "The cosine is sine with a phase shift of pi/If you think ...more>>

  15. 30 Days of Problems for 30 Years of High School Math Competitions - Anne Arundel Community College
    Thirty problems and their answers from high school math competitions held at Anne Arundel Community College during the past 30 years. ...more>>

  16. 30 Second Challenge: The Fun Way to Learn Mathematics - Norman D. Lock
    e-Books (PDF format) that provide an entertaining approach to developing mental arithmetic skills. ...more>>

  17. 3.1415926... - TWO-N, INC.
    This visualization of the first four million decimal digits of π shows each of the digits 0-9 as a different colored pixel. Slide the navigator down to see the numeric "snow" representing the digits 500,001 through 4,000,000; search for any number ...more>>

  18. 360 Degree Math - Sean Kavanaugh
    "What if there was a way to make the thinking of each student visible to the teacher throughout the lesson?" 360 Degree Math classes begin with the teacher personally greeting each student as she enters the classroom ("The Exchange"); students solving ...more>>

  19. 39 ERIC Citations for Block Scheduling - Catholic University of America
    These citations are divided into the following categories: Research Reports for Block Scheduling; Identifiers (ERIC controlled vocabulary term); Title Phrase; Free Text Phrase; and Copernican Plan. Directions for ordering ERIC journals and documents cited ...more>>

  20. 3Blue1Brown - Grant Sanderson
    Video explanations that elucidate with computer animations, changes in perspective, humor, and — occasionally — rhyming voice-over: Euler's formula, circle division (disjoint regions obtained by joining n points around a circle), and complex ...more>>

  21. 3-D and SIRDS images - Jonathan Bowen
    An archive of single image random dot stereo (SIRDS) and other 3-D images, together with related information and software. It is available via anonymous FTP. Plain text information on frequently asked questions concerning SIRDS, an index and a README ...more>>

  22. 3DCalculator - Andre Bullitt Software
    Download a demo (Windows 95), see a short video, or purchase for U.S. $10.00 online. ...more>>

  23. 3-D Drawing and Geometry - Cathi Sanders
    A Math Forum Summer 1998 Institute project that uses examples of paintings, architecture, etc. to analyze different types of 3-D drawings, and teaches students how to create them. Careers in 3-D drawing that use these techniques, from architecture to ...more>>

  24. 3d Etc. - 3d Etc, Inc.
    OpenGL for X-Servers - White Pine & Tenon; 3D Explorer and Mechanical Systems (Mathematica plug-ins). ...more>>

  25. 3D Math Explorer - TEBER Engineering & Education Software - Dursun Teber
    Graphing software for plotting 2D and 3D data: a computer program that plots 2D and 3D graphs of mathematical functions and curves in unlimited graphing space. Features include 3D curve plotting in real time, perspective drawing, graph scaling (zooming), ...more>>

  26. 3D Modeling, Fabrication and Illustration - Tom Longtin
    Mathematically based models and examples of creating accurate patterns for non-convex polyhedra when material thickness is a concern. Links to illustrations of: Stained Glass Prototypes; VRML; Tensegrity Structures; Oc-Tet Truss Space Frames; Mechanical ...more>>

  27. 3D Nauta
    A three-dimensional spatial, topological problem/game with Web interfaces in Spanish, French, and English. Of two versions of the game, one is accessible to most people, while the other can be made difficult exponentially. You are invited to order your ...more>>

  28. 3-D Stars - Free Instructions - James E. Garner
    Free instructions for making 3-D paper stars, using basket weave technique. ...more>>

  29. 3D Strange Attractors and Similar Objects - Tim Stilson
    A pictorial archive of "fsh" and polynomial strange attractors, chaos-game objects, and quaternion Julia sets, with links to books about chaos and strange attractors. ...more>>

  30. 3D-XplorMath - Richard Palais
    3D-XplorMath creates visualizations of mathematical objects and processes. This tool has built-in algorithms for displaying mathematical objects such as plane curves, space curves, surfaces, conformal maps, polyhedra, ordinary and partial differential ...more>>

  31. The 3n +1 Problem - Darrell Cox
    A probabilistic approach to the Collatz conjecture. With references to continued-fraction convergence of log(3)/log(2), m-cycles, and other classical approaches to the 3n + 1 problem, as well as the MSVC++ C code that confirmed many of Cox's propositions. ...more>>

  32. 3rd Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS) - Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
    The 1997 CAARMS conference: announcement, schedule, poster sessions. ...more>>

  33. The 3x+1 problem and its generalizations (Organic Mathematics Proceedings) - Jeff Lagarias
    The 3x+1 problem, also known as the Collatz problem, the Syracuse problem, Kakutani's problem, Hasse's algorithm, and Ulam's problem, concerns the behavior of the iterates of the function which takes odd integers n to 3n+1 and even integers n to n/2. ...more>>

  34. 4000 Years of Women in Science - University of Alabama
    Over 125 women scientists from our scientific and technical past, with biographies, references, and photographs. For Mathematicians, see Listing by Discipline. ...more>>

  35. 42eXplore - Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson
    Web projects that offer definitions, activities, four good starting points, and many more links and resources for thematic topics such as charts and graphs; codes, ciphers and secret messages; fractals, tessellations, geometric shapes, and figures; number ...more>>

  36. 42nd International Mathematical Olympiad: Math Expands Horizons - Dr. Walter E. Mientka, Executive Director
    This event brings to the USA 500 of the most talented high school age mathematicians from more than 80 countries. Washington, DC, hosts the Olympiad, with opening ceremonies on July 4, 2001. The American mathematics community uses this opportunity to ...more>>

  37. 4D Toys - Marc ten Bosch
    Four-dimensional game for exploring how tesseracts and other 4D objects bounce, slide, and roll around. ...more>>

  38. 4th Annual Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS) - Rice University, Houston, TX
    The 1998 CAARMS conference: schedule, conference attendees contact information. See also http://cm.bell-labs.com/who/will/caarms4.html. ...more>>

  39. The 4th Spatial Dimension
    An introduction to the visualization of 4 dimensional space. Numerous resources. ...more>>

  40. 50 States' Certification Requirements - College of Education, University of Kentucky
    Links to teacher certification requirements for all 50 states, as well as a K-12 job opportunities database. ...more>>

  41. 5 Examples in Quantum Mechanics - Tom Kirkman
    An informal textbook, introducing quantum mechanics with a grounding in classical mechanics. It tries to formulate problems in ways that allow easy translation into Mathematica code. Sets of problems at the end of each "chapter" provide extentions of ...more>>

  42. 5 Numbers - Simon Singh and Marcus du Sautoy, BBC Radio 4
    Web pages and Real Audio Music downloads of fifteen minute-long radio broadcasts that take a "quirky look" at zero, pi, the golden ratio, i, and infinity. "Hear about the stark reality behind the imaginary number, try a slice of pi, find out about the ...more>>

  43. 5 x 5 Magic Squares - H. B. Meyer
    An interactive page dedicated to the construction of 5 x 5 magic squares. You may move the numbers manually, watch the computer slowly create a magic square, or have the computer quickly generate a magic square. Requires JavaScript. ...more>>

  44. 6+1 Trait Writing (NWREL) - Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
    A scoring guide (rubric) not specifically for mathematical writing, but useful nonetheless. Subjects included: ideas and content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Also links to other Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory ...more>>

  45. 65-m.p.h. Speed Limits, Large Primes, and Japanese Exams (Math Chat) - Frank Morgan; Christian Science Monitor
    When a state increases a highway speed limit from 55 to 65 miles per hour, by what percent does the road capacity (in cars per hour) change? ...more>>

  46. 7puzzle - Paul Godding
    School visits by the UK's "Puzzle Man" feature number-related board games, card games, tricky puzzles, and other math activities that involve logic, strategy, and spatial/visual awareness to improve children's mental arithmetic skills and feed their enthusiasm ...more>>

  47. 82 Games - Roland Beech
    In-depth statistical coverage and analysis of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The site analyzes team-wide or player-specific shot selection and shot clock usage, production by position, player pairings, foul drawing, turnovers, and clutch play ...more>>

  48. 8 Foxes
    A blog in which geometry questions of different levels are posted daily. ...more>>

  49. 8 is Great: Math Games
    Addition, multiplication, and division practice at the elementary level. Tips and tricks offered for 9 and 11 times tables, factoring a quadratic expression, and generating the Fibonacci sequence. Also includes a sudoku puzzle. ...more>>

  50. 8th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME)
    ICME 8, July 14-21, 1996 in Seville, Spain. The Math Forum hosted the Web component of Topic Group 19 - Computer-Based Learning Environments. Complete abstracts and list of contributors; On-line electronic poster sessions. Part of a larger series of first-hand ...more>>

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