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  1. Cabri-géomètre - Jean-Marie Laborde
    The French site for Cabri Geometry, the geometry software program. The site includes a brief history of the program, a list of new things on the site (see also Cabri-Java), Cabri product information, book and website references, and contact information. Cabri-géomètre est un logiciel de géométrie issu de la recherche de l'équipe EIAH du laboratoire Leibniz de l'Institut d'Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble (IMAG), associé au CNRS, qui fait partie de l'Université Joseph Fourier. In French and English. An identical page can be found at http://www-cabri.imag.fr/. more>>

  2. CAMEL - Canadian Mathematical Society / Société mathématique du Canada
    The bilingual (English/French) Web service of the Canadian Mathematical Community, with links to the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS), the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), the European Mathematics Information Service (EMIS), the Société mathématique du Canada (SMC), the Olympiade internationale de mathématiques (OIM), and the Société mathématique de l'Europe (SME). It offers resources in the following categories: Camel Services (resources supported directly by Camel KaBoL and CRUX On-Line); General; Research; Educators; Employment; Students (for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students); Women (for the promotion and celebration of women in mathematics); and Publishers and Vendors (for information on books, services and software). more>>

  3. Histoire des maths et des mathématiciens - Franck Duffaud
    Duffaud, enseignant dans le 93, a dédié son site à l'histoire des maths. more>>

  4. Index Nationale des Prépublications des Mathématiques en France
    Projet qui vise à constituer un index interrogeable par champs: (auteur, titre, classification...) de toutes les prépublications et thèses de mathèmatiques en France. A searchable index by field (author, title, category) of all the prepublications and theses/dissertations in France. Also links to math departments and major sites in France, and to European math preprint server systems. more>>

  5. Introduction à l'algèbre - Gilles G. Jobin, Projet Diderot
    An interactive course, with extensive use of the Geometer's Sketchpad. Sommaire: Introduction générale; Conseils techniques; Test diagnostique (En chantier); Définitions et vocabulaire; Représentation sur la droite numérique; Équations et inéquations; Problèmes à données textuelles; Rapports et proportions; Les formules; Testez-vous!; Esquisses Cybergéomètre; Pour se détendre: un petit jeu mathématique. more>>

  6. Math Central/Math Centrale - University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    For K-12 math education: a teacher resource room, a bulletin board, a question-and-answer service, and Teacher Talk, an email discussion forum. Teachers are encouraged to send resources and suggestions. Math Central is maintained by faculty and students in mathematics and mathematics education. In English and French and supported in part by Canada's SchoolNet. more>>

  7. Mathématique du secondaire - Xavier Hubaut, l'Université Libre de Bruxelles
    A collection of lessons for advanced high school students. Includes: linear algebra, geometric concepts, complex numbers, polyhedrons, and applications. In French. more>>

  8. Non-English Math Resources - Math Forum
    Students and teachers with Non-English language needs will find mathematics and math education Web sites organized by category for the following languages: Spanish, French, German. more>>

  9. Preuve Proof Prueba
    A newsletter in French, Spanish, and English, the theme of which is teaching and learning mathematical proofs. Includes an extensive bibliography consisting of books, chapters in books, journal articles, and theses. more>>

  10. Qu'est-ce qu'un nombre? E-doc Mathématiques - Service du Film de Recherche Scientifique (SFRS)
    Site basé sur le livre de S. Houzel, qui retrace l'histoire du nombre depuis l'Antiquité. In French. Site based on the book by S. Houzel, retracing the history numbers. more>>

  11. Recherche dans MATHS France - Académie de Toulouse
    Un moteur de recherche qui scanne tous les sites académiques en mathématiques. more>>

  12. Wikipedia Mathematics
    The free encyclopedia's entries on mathematics. A wiki is a collection of interlinked web pages, any of which can be visited and edited by anyone at any time. Many pages also available in a range of foreign languages. more>>

  13. WIMS (WWW Interactive Mathematics Server) - Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
    Interactive mathematical applications, also available in French, with documentation. The server's exercises and programs are designed to find a polynomial with given values; find the Taylor expansion of a function; find a polynomial from its curve; given function and epsilon, find delta (on the definition of continuity); and find the root of a function by successive tests. Mathematical tools will: expand a real number into a continued fraction; factor integers, rational numbers, polynomials, and rational fractions; calculate one-variable functions (Integrals, limits, roots...); calculate determinant, inverse, eigenvectors... matrices; and solve linear systems, including systems with parameters. Also a visual exercise on the definition of maps (Javascript), exercises on minima/maxima, and a mathematical puzzle based on finite fields. These materials could be useful in a U.S. pre-calculus course. more>>


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