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  1. 2001 International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2001)
    May 28-30, 2001, San Francisco, U.S.: a conference concentrating on computational science in parallel and distributed environments, encompassing facilitating theoretical foundations and the applications of large-scale computations and offering the opportunity ...more>>

  2. Abarim Publications - Arie Uittenbogaard
    A site combining contemporary physics, mathematics and ancient literature, intended to be scientific, not religious. ...more>>

  3. Actuarial Outpost - Glenn Cooke
    Actuarial website with discussion forum, free study material, and job postings. Also available at http://www.actuarialoutpost.com/. ...more>>

  4. Analysis of Algorithms - Flajolet, Prodinger
    A research site with papers to download, links to researchers, a newsletter, etc. Analysis of Algorithms (AofA) is a field in computer science whose overall goal is an understanding of the complexity of algorithms. While much research is devoted to worst-case ...more>>

  5. Applied Mathematical Sciences Summer Institute
    A summer research program for undergraduate majors in mathematics and related fields of application. AMSSI targets underrepresented minorities and women. Read "Determinisitc and Small-World Network Models of College Drinking Patterns," "Algebraic Interleavers ...more>>

  6. Association for Symbolic Logic
    The Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) is an international organization supporting the presentation, publication, and critical discussion of scholarly work in the field of logic. Its current membership reflects the longstanding important role of logic ...more>>

  7. A = B - Marko Petkovsek, Herbert Wilf, Doron Zeilberger
    A=B, by Petkovsek, Wilf, Zeilberger, is a book about identities, especially identities involving binomial sums and hypergeometric identities, and ways to prove them using computer programs. The entire text may be downloaded from this site in PDF format. ...more>>

  8. Classical and Quantum Chaos, A Cyclist Treatise - Predrag Cvitanovic'
    An online textbook on chaotic systems and dynamics, including exercises, solutions, and a guide to related literature. Read the book online in hyperlinked PDF format, or download it as a gzipped PostScript file. By the CATS cyclist team: Cvitanovic', ...more>>

  9. The Classical Simplex Method - Prof. Hossein Arsham; University of Baltimore
    A companion site to Arsham's Applied Management Science course. This introduces the simplex method for solving linear programming problems by first discussing the algebraic solution and pivoting row operations. ...more>>

  10. CPlot - Torsten Hilgenberg
    Open-source function plotter, mainly for function theory. CPlot draws 2D and 3D graphs of real, complex, parametric and implicit functions, as well as 2D and 3D vector fields. ...more>>

  11. Deterministic Modeling: Linear Optimization with Applications - Prof. Hossein Arsham; University of Baltimore
    Mathematical modeling process for decision making, presented in the context of linear programming. ...more>>

  12. Dominique Foata
    Dominique Foata is a mathematician specializing in combinatorics. Abstracts of his papers are available online, and they may be downloaded in .dvi, PostScript, or TeX formats. The site also contains a summary and errata for the textbook Calcul des Probabilités, ...more>>

  13. Ecuaciones Diferenciales - Esteban Rios
    How to solve differential equations, with examples, all in Spanish. Contents include: definiciones; método de separación de la variable; ordinarias lineales a coeficientes constantes de 2do grado y 2do miembro nulo; lineales de 2do orden a coeficientes ...more>>

  14. Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra - Edwin H. Connell; Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Univ. of Miami
    A free online textbook in four formats: PDF, DVI, PS, and PSGZ, with six chapters: Background (equivalence relations, injective, surjective, and bijective functions, product of sets, unique prime factorization in the integers); Groups; Rings; Matrices ...more>>

  15. Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education - The EDGE Program
    A program that strengthens the ability of women and minority students to successfully complete graduate programs in the mathematical sciences. Professors Sylvia Bozeman of Spelman College and Rhonda Hughes of Bryn Mawr College co-direct Enhancing Diversity ...more>>

  16. Experimental Mathematics - A. K. Peters, Ltd.
    A refereed journal devoted to experimental aspects of mathematical research. Browse full articles or abstracts, in PostScript of DVI, dating back to 1992's Volume 1. Also, read the journal's statement of philosophy and publishability criteria, subscription ...more>>

  17. The Fast Lifting Wavelet Transform - C. Valens
    A tutorial on wavelet filters aimed at engineers. Focusses on "lifting," a technique for creating a general framework to design filters for every possible wavelet transform. May be read online or downloaded in PostScript format. ...more>>

  18. Frédéric Chyzak's Mgfun Project
    Mgfun is a group of Maple packages intended for calculations with multivariate generating functions, in particular for their symbolic summation and integration, and for the proof of special function and combinatorial identities. These packages include ...more>>

  19. Graduate School Teachers Place - Math Forum
    Selected Internet resources for professors: professional organizations, discussion groups, course materials, software, workshops, and career-oriented services. ...more>>

  20. Groups32 - John J. Wavrik, University of California at San Diego
    A group theory calculator. Groups32 computes information about groups of orders 1-32; has a permutation group package; and provides a search for groups with given generators and relations. Site includes documentation as well as course handouts in PDF ...more>>

  21. Herbert Wilf
    Herbert Wilf is a combinatorialist. The entire text of his books generatingfunctionology, A = B, and Algorithms and Complexity may be downloaded in PDF format, as may his "East Side, West Side" lecture notes on combinatorial objects and Maple programming. ...more>>

  22. The Inertia Tensor and After Dinner Tricks - Steve Drasco
    In PDF format, a paper introducing momentum, angular momentum, the inertia tensor, and principle axes and stable/unstable rotations. ...more>>

  23. Institute of Mathematical Statistics - Elyse Gustafson, Executive Director
    The Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) is an international professional and scholarly society devoted to the development, dissemination, and application of statistics and probability. IMS' main technical journals are the Annals of Statistics, ...more>>

  24. Introduction à la géométrie absolue avec CabriJava - Yves Martin
    Pages on the Bachmann' axiomatic with dynamic (CabriJava) examples in the hyperbolic or elliptic plane. ...more>>

  25. Introduction to Game Theory: Wining Business in A Competitive Environment - Prof. Hossein Arsham; University of Baltimore
    Presents the theory of two-person, zero-sum games. Applications to optimal portfolio selections in investment decisions together with risk assessment are presented. ...more>>

  26. Introduction to Generalized Functions With Applications in Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics - Feri Farassat
    An article in PDF format written to show the power of multidimensional generalized function theory in applications. Abstraction is kept to a minimal level so that it can be read by undergraduate students. I also recommend the following article, which ...more>>

  27. Introduction to Real Analysis - William F. Trench
    Free edition meant to be a primary textbook or reference, as a junior-senior level text for a two semester course. Previously published by Pearson Educations, 2003. Sale or charges for profit beyond reasonable printing costs are prohibited. A complete ...more>>

  28. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers - Leo Moser
    An introductory survey of compositions and partitions, arithmetic functions, distribution of primes, irrational numbers, congruences, Diophantine equations, combinatorial number theory, and geometry of numbers. Also with exercises and unsolved problems. ...more>>

  29. Introductory Algebra, Topology, and Category Theory - Martin Dowd
    This self-published advanced undergraduate algebra text is currently the only text available which covers such a wide range of material in a single volume. It is ideally suited for a number of uses, including as a supplementary text for any undergraduate ...more>>

  30. Karla Hoffman
    A specialist in operations research and combinatorial optimization. Papers in PDF, PostScript, or HTML formats include articles on airline scheduling, set covering, and the traveling salesman problem. Resume and curriculum vitae and syllabus, project, ...more>>

  31. Liz's Research Interests - Liz Bradley, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado
    Artificial intelligence projects include Chaography, a pair of tools that use mathematics to generate choreographic variations: Chaographer, which uses a chaotic mapping to generate variations on a musical piece; and MotionMind, which uses machine learning ...more>>

  32. Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications for Engineers, Mathematicians and Scientists - Robert Borrelli, Courtney Coleman, Harvey Mudd College
    A textbook developed in the ’60s and ’70s for use in several advanced mathematics courses at Harvey Mudd College. From the site: The purpose of this work is to give the college upper class (or graduate) student a glimpse into some important areas of applicable ...more>>

  33. Matthew J. Saltzman's Home Page - Matthew J. Saltzman
    A study guide for basic math courses, titled "How to Survive Your College Math Class (and Take Home Something of Value)," includes sections on study skills, reading and understanding mathematics (featuring "An Equation is a Sentence," "Deriving Conditions ...more>>

  34. Merit Education
    A portal: Find online and homestudy programs, including business, accounting, and other degrees. ...more>>

  35. Miscellaneous Mathematical Utilities - David Binner
    Several online mathematical utilities intended for college and university students (math, physics, engineering, etc. students). Numerical utilities to solve (among others): N Equations in N Unknowns, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Roots of Functions, and ...more>>

  36. Number2.com - Vincent Crespi, Eric Loken, Josh Millet, and Lesleigh Cushing
    Free online SAT, ACT, and GRE test preparation courses. Register for tutorials and practice sessions that dynamically adapt to performance, providing customized feedback for every response and monitoring overall student progress in the coaching system. ...more>>

  37. Philippe Flajolet
    Philippe Flajolet researches the analysis of algorithms, analytic combinatorics, computer algebra, asymptotic analysis, special functions, random structures, and natural languages. An extensive collection of his articles, and the first chapters of ...more>>

  38. The polymath blog - Timothy Gowers
    Massively collaborative mathematical research projects discussed and hosted here have included IMO Q6 2009, Density Hales-Jewett, Embedded c_0 or lp in explicit Banach spaces, and Finding primes deterministically. Proposals include Boshernitzan's problem, ...more>>

  39. Potto Project - Dr. Genick Bar-Meir
    An open content project meant to be used by the community to write quality text books for colleges. Currently offering the free online textbook, Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Mechanics. ...more>>

  40. Principia Mathematica II - Michael Meyling
    An open source project attempting to present mathematical knowledge in a formal, correct form. It includes a proof verifier which checks a mathematical proof written in a certain formal language and an HTML converter for making mathematical HTML pages. ...more>>

  41. Probability Tutorials - Noel Vaillant
    An online course on measure theory, lebesgue integration and probability, with tutorials (in PDF format) designed as a set of simple exercises, leading gradually to the establishment of deeper results. Proved theorems, as well as clear definitions, are ...more>>

  42. Richard Stanley
    Richard Stanley is a combinatorialist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His site includes a complete list of his publications, PostScript files of his most recent articles, and information, including corrections, about his book Enumerative ...more>>

  43. The Springer GTM Test - David Savitt
    Multiple choice questions that promise to identify "which Springer-Verlag graduate text in mathematics you are." ...more>>

  44. The Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI)
    A "formulator and stimulator of research," the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) seeks to synthesize the statistical sciences and the applied mathematical sciences with disciplinary science to confront data- and model-driven ...more>>

  45. Time-Critical Decision Making for Economics and Finance - Prof. Hossein Arsham; University of Baltimore
    This site is intended to help students learn and manage the uncertainty by using effective forecasting techniques. ...more>>

  46. Traveling Salesman's Sketchpad - Selim Tezel
    The Traveling Salesman's Sketchpad lets you investigate the Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) using an interface inspired by The Geometer's Sketchpad®. The Traveling Salesman's Sketchpad facilitates algorithm and data visualization, conjecture ...more>>

  47. Victor Shoup's Home Page
    Download research papers on cryptographic protocols and on algorithms for solving problems in the area of number theory and algebra. The Courant Institute researcher freely offers a standard for public-key encryption, a simple LaTeX class for preparing ...more>>

  48. www.math-jobs.com - Christof Luchsinger
    A listing of mathematics job openings. Display listings according to their geographic location or language requirements, subscribe to updates by e-mail, or read about how to apply for a job. The site categorizes employment opportunities into the broad ...more>>

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