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  1. Encyclopedia of Dynamical Systems - Eugene M. Izhikevich, Editor-in-Chief
    Scholarpedia is a free, anonymously peer reviewed encyclopedia whose invited or elected scholars write articles controlled by curators responsible for their contents. Scholarpedia's encyclopedia of dynamical systems features mathematical topics such as differential equations, methods, smooth dynamics, bifurcation theory, topological dynamics, ergodic theory, hyperbolic dynamics, and mappings (maps). Dynamical systems articles on nonlinear phenomena include oscillators, synchronization, pattern formation, chaos, and random dynamical systems. Read about dynamical systems applications such as neuroscience, physiology and medicine, morphogenesis, cardiac dynamics, chemistry, population dynamics, engineering, fluid dynamics, mechanics, optics, physics, and computational astrophysics. Other Scholarpedia wikis address computational neuroscience and computational intelligence. more>>

  2. Publications and Research Tools (AMS) - American Mathematical Society
    The AMS research and publishing services include MathSciNet and the AMS Electronic Journals. Research tools for mathematicians include Mathematical Reviews Author Lookup, Institution Codes and Addresses, Serials Abbreviations; the AMS Preprint Server, the MathDoc Document Delivery Service, and the AMS Bookstore, a searchable catalog of over 2500 books, videos, journals, software and gift items from the AMS and participating publishers.