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Elementary Differential Equations

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Visit this site: http://ramanujan.math.trinity.edu/wtrench/texts/TRENCH_FREE_DIFFEQ_I.PDF

Author:William F. Trench
Description: The freely downloadable textbook Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems, published previously by Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning. Treating techniques and applications separately, the book progresses through first order equations, numerical methods, applications of first order equations, linear second order equations, applications of linear second order equations, series solutions of linear second order equations, Laplace transforms, linear higher order equations, and linear systems of differential equations. Trench, the Andrew G. Cowles Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Trinity University's Department of Mathematics, wrote the book guided by such principles as "an elementary text should be written so the student can read it with comprehension without too much pain.... and it can't be better than its exercises," of which Elementary Differential Equations includes 1,695 — 336 calling for graphics or computation technology — as well as 250 completely worked out examples, 144 figures, and 73 laboratory exercises that require extensive use of technology.

Levels: Early College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Publications
Math Topics: Differential Equations

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