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 exponents & radicals

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use of variables
one variable equations
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exponents & radicals
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exponential functions

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These problems require knowledge of the rules and properties of exponents.

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The ABC's of Exponents - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Solve a system of equations involving exponents. ... more>>

A Coat of Golden Angels - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Show how to do scientific notation problems on an 8-digit, four-function calculator. ... more>>

It's the Law! - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Explain the two most important laws of exponents, as a good teacher or book might do. ... more>>

Polynomial Power - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Given the value of one variable expression, can you use it to find the value of others? ... more>>

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