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Linear Inequalities
These problems involve linear inequalities and may include graphing and linear programming.

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Are You Positive? - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Find all values of x that make a rational expression have a positive value. ... more>>

Fraction Debate - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Three students disagree about what happens when you perform a certain operation on a positive proper fraction. Which student do you agree with? Why? ... more>>

He Shoots! He Scores! - Annie Fetter, Steve Risberg, & Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Given a set of equations and inequalities, figure out how many points Bo might have scored in his basketball game. ... more>>

Hoop Heroes - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Use inequalities to determine how many points Kylie and Shaniqua each scored in the championship basketball game. ... more>>

Letter Jackets - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 4. A company makes jackets that show support for your school. Given information on the time needed to make each of two models and the profit earned for selling them, determine how many of each the company should make each day to maximize the profit. ... more>>

Making Triangles - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 4. The lengths of three segments are represented by (n + 2)^2, 9, and n(n + 5). Determine for what values of 'n' these three segments can be used to form a triangle. ... more>>

A Phone-y Deal? - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Compare two cell phone pricing plans to determine for how many minutes of calls per month each one is the better deal. ... more>>

Tennis Anyone? - Ethel Breuche
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Use algebra, inequalities, and ratios to find the greatest number of matches a player could have won before the weekend to achieve the win ratio of .503 after the weekend. ... more>>

Triangle Possibilities - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Given information about side lengths of a triangle, determine possible dimensions. ... more>>

A Variable Triangle - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 4. Given a triangle with side lengths of x + 2, x + 3, and 11, what can we conclude about x? ... more>>

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