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Discrete Math: Traveling Salesperson

Traveling salesperson problems are a part of graph theory. The traveling salesperson problem involves finding the shortest circuit that connects all of the cities or stops that a salesperson would visit. This type of circuit is also referred to as a Hamiltonian circuit.

When a large number of cities is involved, it is often difficult to find the optimal solution to a traveling salesperson problem. The Round Trip Puzzle is a good place to work interactively with the problem.

For background information elsewhere on our site, explore the High School Discrete Math area of the Ask Dr. Math archives. To find relevant sites on the Web, browse and search Discrete Mathematics in our Internet Mathematics Library.

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Delivering Toys for the Holidays - Leigh Nataro
Discrete Math, difficulty level 4. Using two different algorithms, find the distance traveled in creating a Hamilton circuit. ... more>>

Mother's Chores - Jim Greene
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. A Traveling Salesperson Problem. Tom's mother needs to make several stops around the city and then get home. What is her shortest route without going back to one of the stops? ... more>>

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