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Discrete Math

Discrete mathematics is a content area usually considered to be a middle or high school topic. The groundwork can be laid throughout the grades with simple problems that explore permutations and combinations (How many outfits can you put together? How many ways are there to organize a line of 6 people?).

A few discrete math problems for elementary students are listed below.

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Campfire Camaraderie - Jessica Philips from Western Oregon University
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 1. How did the animals place themselves around the campfire? ... more>>

Choosy Chooser's Choices - Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 4. Find out how many outfits Charlene can put together for a sunny day. ... more>>

Emmy's Action Figures - Claire Mead
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. In how many different ways can Emmy arrange her Famous Mathematician action figures? ... more>>

Flipping Coins - Claire Mead
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Determine whether this coin flipping game is a fair one. ... more>>

How Does Your Garden Grow? - Team 7 Red Math Students -- Highland Middle School
Elementary, difficulty level 4. Help the HMS students find out how many ways they can arrange their schoolyard garden. ... more>>

Olympic Rings Repair - Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 3. Help answer Jellybean's question about the Olympic rings. ... more>>

Pondering Palindromes - Mary DeYoung & class
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 1. Explore 4-digit palindromes and find something else they have in common. ... more>>

Video Trading - Joyce Hoellein & Class
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Determine the number of trades necessary for each of the 4-H members to see each of the video tapes. ... more>>

Wooden Legs - Claire Mead
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. How many different ways can Wendy use 31 legs to build wooden dollhouse furniture? ... more>>

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